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Skanska USA Recruitment Campaign

No description

Amin Gates

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of Skanska USA Recruitment Campaign

Skanska Engagement - Jobs
Skanska Reach - Employees Network
Promoting all professional role will be the key to campaign success
Your Recruiters will play a critical role in engaging a managing an increase flow of leads
Skanska Engagement - Careers Page
Skanska Reach - Targeted Audience
Jobs are recommended to the relevant candidates across all of your campaign solutions
WWU + Recruitment Ads drive your target audience to your Careers page
Engage your largest untapped pools of talent with targeted messaging
Skanska US Recruitment Campaign
Engage your ideal candidate at multiple touchpoint
Direct engagement with a targeted inMail drop
Targeting the right profiles
2,502 employee profiles on LinkedIn across Skanska NA
11,944 unique monthly employee profile views
Employees are a great way to tap attract good leads
Skanska Engagement - Recruiter
Your employees are networking with talent you want to Hire!
Close to 12,000 unique monthly profile visitors from your Industry peers
Own a permanent ad space on all Skanska USA employee profiles
Promote and engage your employment opportunities to your employees network
Increase your follower base amongst your target audiences
Leverage your employees and brand ambassadors
Create an automated employee referral engine on LinkedIn
All traffic is driven to a central hub for Skanska US Employer Branding
With up to 5 views, we keep messaging consistent based on member's current job function
Employee Profiles
Career page
What we heard
Skanska US looking to launch a national Recruiment campaign to fill current and future openings across their 39 offices in the US
Currently using a microsite that targets candidates on a regional level
Wants to leverage LinkedIn to target talent at scale and promote career opportunities
Would like to have more cohesive branding and targeting to support 5 divisions of Skanska US
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