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World War 2

No description

Timothy Claus

on 27 April 2015

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Transcript of World War 2

World War 2

The Treaty of Versailles is signed
Please click on link :

Section 1
Answer these questions in your journals after watching the video and reading the excerpt:

1. What did Part 1 of the Treaty of Versailles create?
2. What two groups tried to enforce the treaty quite vigorously without much success?
3. In looking at the different parts of the treaty, how do you think most Germans felt about it? Consider that the treaty actually led to an economic depression in Germany.
Hitler is found guilty of treason
Please click on link:
Section 2
Answer these questions in your journals after reading the excerpt.

1. Did Hitler deny any of the criminal charges brought against him? What did he use the court hearing to do?
2. Do you think Hitler's closing statement had an effect on the three judges verdict? Why or why not?
3. What famous book did Hitler write while he was in jail? What did it outline?
Hitler appointed chancellor
Please click on link:
Section 3
Answer these questions in your journals after reading the excerpt.
1. What problems had brought the German government to a complete standstill during this time?
2. What major three groups bet on Hitler making an impact on Germany? What was their one mistake?
3. What does "Heil! Sieg Heil!," mean and why did this event seem like a victory for Germany?
Please click on link:
The Reichstag building is set on fire
Section 4
Answer these questions in your journals after reading the excerpt.
1. What was the Reichstag building and why was it important to Germany?
2. Where was Hitler on the night of the fire? Why might his location be important?
3. Who was convicted of setting the fire? What was his/her punishment? Why might some believe that this person may not be the one who set the fire?
Please click on link:
Nuremberg Race Laws enacted

Section 5
Answer these questions in your journals after reading the excerpt.
1. What were the Nuremberg laws and why were they imposed?
2. What vocations(jobs) were Jews excluded from?
3. Why did most Germans accept these laws?
The Hitler Youth Law makes membership mandatory for all eligible youth, ages 10-18
Please click on link:
*Note* Begin reading at blue subheading "Year of Jungvolk"
Section 6
Answer these questions in your journals after reading the excerpt
*From blue subheading "Year of the Jungvolk"*.
1. Who pressured and persued young people to join the Hitler Youth?
2. What were the names of the three Special Hitler Youth paramilitary formations for boys? What did each involve?
3. What did the number of Hitler youth jump to when Hitler expanded Germany's borders by acquiring Austria and the Sudetenland?
Nazis organize riots against the Jews called Kristallnacht
meaning night of broken glass...
236 Jews were killed...
1,300 synagogues were burned down...
7,000 Jewish shops, businesses,schools and private homes were vandalized or destroyed...
30,000 Jews were arrested, many never to be seen again.
Please click on link:
Section 7
Answer these questions in your journals after reading the excerpt.
1. Who's assassination supposedly caused these riots? What was his/her position or job?
2. Who did the German government blame for the riots? What was the amount of the fine given to this group?
3. What do you think this was a turning point in Germany's treatment of the Jews?
Please click on link:
Germany acquires Czechoslovakia
Section 8
Answer these questions in your journals after reading the excerpt.
1. What steps did Nazis take as they perfected the art of stealing neighboring territory?
2. Why was Hitler trying to acquire this territory?
3. Why did British Prime Minister Chamberlain not stand up to Hitler moving troops into Czechoslovakia? Why did he change his mind?
Fake attack on Gleiwitz Radio Station in Germany
Please click on link:
Section 9
Answer these questions in your journals after reading the excerpt.
1. Why do you think Hitler had his officers do this?
2. What was this operation called by the Nazis?
3. What did this incident lead to that happened the very next day? Why was this important?
The Extaordinary Radio Law is Passed
Please click on link:
Section 10
Answer these questions in your journals after reading the excerpt.
1. What was the nick-name of the radio given out to all German people?
2. What German officer drafted up this law and put it into effect?
3. Who was expected to track down those who broke these radio laws? How many people were arrested in the first 10 months of the law taking effect?
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