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How You Create You

A presentation detailing the concepts of what a brand identity is and how Craft Collective creates a brand for you.

Craft Collective

on 10 February 2013

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Transcript of How You Create You

How we help you create your brand identity Craft Collective's hierarchy of needs (based on Maslow's):
We at Craft Collective believe that a professional identity is a necessary step in your success, in whatever you do. Gaining a professional identity is a positive boost in esteem and self-actualization within your
career and personal goals. 5 reasons why you need a brand identity land the job you want
walk into an interview with confidence
gain a competitive edge
set yourself apart
leave a lasting impression why choose affordable
brand identity
A recognizable, relatable visual communication of the spirit of you as an individual or your company. logos business cards resumes letterheads For a complete identity package... next thing you know you are walking in to the job interview with a complete package and then... you got the job! WE WANT TO EMPOWER PEOPLE TO REACH THEIR FULL POTENTIAL! the short story.... smart
guy Something like this... Craft Collective's take on Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs pyramid WHY? WHAT? & next thing you know you meet a potential client and they are so impressed... Can we do business? Marketing & Social Media Strategies
Package Design
Copywriting and so much more... WE TAKE CARE OF ALL OF THIS SO YOU CAN FOCUS ON THE BIGGER PICTURE... HOW? do we actually do for you... We provide a catalog of high quality designs...

...you choose logo, business card, letterhead, resume, websites, and more for a complete identity package giving you professional and personal empowerment... do you need a brand identity... what else can we do... WHO? can this help you in your professional life... college students ...do we want to empower? small business the structure for small business brand identity packages is a little more complex... contact us for more info do you need a brand identity... ...and most importantly we see the bigger picture of who you are! what is a brand identity? Let's take a look at the role of identity in life's needs... abraham maslow cultivating ideas. creating solutions. What are you going to do to elevate your identity? So now... www.craftcollective.co
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