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Heather Quinzon

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of ABC AFRICA BOOK

Africa is the second largest continent in the world. B-BURUNDI
Burundi is one of Africa's smallest country. C-CACAO
This is what we use to make chocolate. About 70%
of the worl's cacao is in Africa. D-DESMOND TUTU
Desmond Tutu is a world-famous religious leader. E-ETHIOPIA
Ethiopia maintained colonial
rule until 1936. F- FREDRICK M JONES Fredrick M Jones was born in May 17, 1893. He was
an inventor. Jones, invented the first practical,
automatic refridgeration for trucks. G-GREAT PYRAMIDS OF GIZA Located in Egypt, these are the largest pyramids in the world. The Great Pyramids were built by the Pharoah, Khufu and his enslaved people. H- HARTBEESPOORT DAM This dam was built
in 1925. This dam is a
popular tourist attraction,
with jet-skiing and
para-sailing and much more Imlil is a
village in
Morocco I- IMLIL K- KAMPALA Kampala is the capital of Uganda, with a population of about 2.5 million people. J- JOHANNESBURG Located in South Africa, Johhanesburg has many
great tourist attractions. M- MALI Mali is a landlocked country that is part of the
Sahara Desert. N- NIGERIA British influenced Nigeria. Nigeria is loacted in West
Africa. O- OMO VALLEY The Omo Valley is hoe to about 200,000 different
tribes with a wide variety and wild lide animals P- PIETERSE, SASHA Sasha Pieterse, an acress born in South
Africa. She has been in movies such as
X-Men and shows like Pretty Little Liars. Q- QACHA'S NEK Home to only 8,000 people, Qacha's Nek is the
camptown of Qacha's Nek Distric in Lesotho. R- ROBBEN ISLAND Nelson Mandela went to a
prison in Robben Island,
where he spent 27 years
in prison. S- SOMALIS Over 50,000 somalis migrated in Minnesota
in the last year. T- TIMBUKTU Timbuktu is located in the southern
part of the Sahara Desert. U- UGANDA Uganda is rich in culture. It is
located in the Eastern Africa and
English is Uganda's official
language. V- VICTORIA FALLS DRY SEASON RAINY SEASON Victoria Falls is also called Mosi-oa-Tunya.This means "Smoke that thunders" L- LION PARK Lion park is an eco-tourism. It's not a zoo
or a reserve but more of a breeding ground
for endangered species. W- Watamu Watamu's famous beach is located in the
Kenyan coast. This beach is part of Watamu's
Marine National Park. X- XHOSA (LANGUAGE) Xhosa is a member of the Nguni/Bantu family of language and is the language of South Africa. Y- YANGAMBI Located in the northern side of the Congo
River of the Dominican Republic of Congo. Z- ZANZIBAR Located in Tanzania. Zanzibar is a famous tourist area
filled with beautiful beaches and wild animals, this island
is beauiful. RESOURCES www.wikipedia.com www.wikitravel.com www.robben-island.org.za www.imbd.com www.visituganda.com www.omovalley.com www.lion-park.com/about www.cia.gov BY HEATHER QUINZON P4
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