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The Role of Women in the American Revolution

Petro and Szkotnicki Period One

Victoria Petro

on 20 May 2011

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Transcript of The Role of Women in the American Revolution

The Role of Women During the American Revolution During the time period, woman's primary roles, were limited. They were expected to take care of the children and the household, and lost any of their property and legal rights, upon their marriage. They were not expected to be active in war. Even though women were not expected to participate in the war they found ways to contribute. In their home they helped sew and make uniforms for the soldiers. Some took their husbands jobs, that were left when they went away for war. Such as; carpenters, shipbuilders, and blacksmiths. Other ladies turned there homes into hospitals for the wounded. Like men, women also held protests against the British. An example of this is the Edenton Tea party. When more then 51 women signed a petition to ban Enlgish goods. Unlike the Boston Tea Party, the women were brave enough to not hide there identity. Do you know anything about historic women? Deborah Simpson, but on men's clothing and gave herself a new name.
She called herself Robert Shirtliffe, and enlisted in the army.

Lydia Darragh, was a spy during the American Revolution. She warned
the soldiers that the British were planning an attack on Whitemarsh.

Many tell the tale, of the historic ride of Paul Revere, but no one
tell the story Sybil Ludington. She rode through Connecticut, and that
the British were attacking Danbury.Thanks to her actions, the British
were halted in Ridgefield,Connecticut and forced to return to Long
Island. PSD. Lyida Darragh's obituary. Where would you fit in? The statue of Sybil Ludington.
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