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Alessandra Scomparin: about me


Alessandra Scomparin

on 30 April 2014

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Transcript of Alessandra Scomparin: about me

The difficulty lies
not in the new ideas
but in escaping
from the old ones
Alessandra Scomparin
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"The difficulty lies not in the new ideas but in escaping from the old ones"
Business communication and digital marketing
Advertising creativity: strategy and principles
In couples, we created a communication plan (strategy + art) for a real Catalan winery after a meeting and a chat with the property, who offered us a wine tasting
Collage of
Post graduated studies
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Professional Experiences
Milan Chamber of Arbitration
Milan Chamber of Commerce
- establishment of a social media presence
- social media management
- coordination of surveys
- book editing
- new Intranet beta testing
Most important thing I learnt:
Initiative will be rewarded
- Conceptualization and presentation of communication plans
- Social media management
- Events organization
- Creation of promotional material
- Intranet administration
Professional Growth:
Being fully integrated into office life to dedicate time and energy towards success with the communication strategies
Learning and
thinking styles
Precise, professional and proficient
Able to manage everything thrown at me; always get the job done
Both top grade
What am I looking for?
I want to embrace new challenges in a stimulating environment, where new ideas are welcome and where there is no fear to adopt new point of views.
The opportunity of professional growth is one of the most important feature of my dream workplace.
First of all, let me introduce myself
Take a look at what we do: http://comunicarelazienda.wordpress.com/
Click to see my team's project work:
Independent, embrace changes
and adapt swiftly
When not working, I love to:
Studying new computer programs through online tutorials
During this course, organized by UPA (Italian Advertisers' Association), I learnt how to manage business communication in the digital context and the basis of digital marketing.

The class discussed with: Bernard Cova, Alex Giordano, Fausto Colombo, Carlo Galimberti and other experts.
Computer skills
Hope to get
in touch soon
My favourite courses:
Event organization
Corporate identity
Marketing research
Media economy
Bachelor's degree in Media Languages (2006-2009)
Master's degree in Business Communication (2009-2012)

Diploma in Marketing Communication (2012) - IAA (International Advertising Association )
New media
Business communication

Word-of-mouth and social media: online corporate reputation measurement in a strategic perspective
From the surveillance society to the control society: the fidelity cards case
I loved this summer school because:
Master's degree
Bachelor's degree
From september 2012 to September 2013
From August 2011 to July 2012
Catholic University of Milan
My dissertation received
a honourable mention from
the National Consumers' Union
from April 2010 to October 2010
- Editing and proofreading of informative materials
Italian mother tongue
Understanding level: very good
Speaking level: good
Writing level: very good
Understanding level: very good
Speaking level: good
Writing level: good
Understanding level: good
Speaking level: basic
Writing level: basic
Passed Cambridge First Certificate
of English
Passed Diplome d'Etudes en
Langue Francaise
Reading every kind of books (except thriller, horror and detective novel)
Cooking muffins, cakes and vegetable quiches
Watching american TV series
Taking analog photos
July 2011
March - June 2013
The quote of J.M. Keynes inspires me in every day of my life
Having long walks with my dog
From October 2013
- Online word of mouth qualitative analysis detected by Blogmeter's tools;
- Sentiment Analysis;
- Keywords identification and queries construction in order to set up Blogmeter's Social Listening;
- Mapping, identification and recognition of most relevant online sources, social profiles and influencers;
- Analysis of Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and other social channels:
- Reports in Italian and English about automotive, health, transport and tv.
Truly beginner
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