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nic sanchez

on 28 April 2017

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Video game designers work in offices where specialized tools and machines are available
Machines in offices: Computers, graphics, and audio and sound equipment
Production and creation of games that range from computer, hand held, console and arcade games
Work involves design and or programming
Working together with team members to meet the needs of a project
Plan resources and managing both the team and the process
Perform effectively under pressure and meet deadlines to ensure the game is completely done on time

Video game designers are software developers and engineers who create video games for a variety of platforms. They determine the concept and design of the game, sketch and storyboard what the game will look like, and create a limited version of the audio and video of their game. Video game designers maintain flow charts of the activities and people involved in the design and development. Also, each version of the game they make make is redesigned and tested until all the problems and flaws are eliminated. Video game designing involves specialists who help make a video game. Which are programmer, writer, audio programmer, level designer, animator, modeler, license support engineer, and software engineer.
Video Game Designers At Work
To get a job in this field of work, you need to take courses in game design and development, computer science, sculpture and computer programming. A bachelor's degree is required to get hired as a game designer. Also, associate degree programs are available at universities and colleges in this field of work. While you are in high school, you can start preparing to get accepted into game design programs by taking courses like art, drawing and creative writing. Video game designers often create flow charts to map out the activities and people involved in video game development.
Video game designers need to know their computer skills, artistic ability, teamwork, enthusiasm and knowledge in this field of work
Employers want you to have market research training so that you are aware of industry changes and new games on the market.
Learning how to develop character motivations that connect with plots and story outcomes
Courses: Computer Applications, Database Management, English Composition, Fundamentals of Computer Programming, Intermediate Algebra, Introduction to C++, Introduction to Systems Design and Analysis, Introduction to Visual Basics, Network Design and Topologies, and Operating
Types of math used for video game designing is geometry, algebra, calculus, statistics, linear algebra, and mathematical modeling
Video game designers use math for programming the video games that they make, because without math skills you can't make a game
Geometry is necessary in order to understand how shapes can be created by a computer algorithm and help create graphic representations through integration and parametric equations
In mathematical modeling, students are given tools to create a three-dimensional shape in video game making
The designer's knowledge of statistics is responsible for creating the statistical like-hood of all events in the game to begin with
The average annual salary that a game designer will make is $48,000 to $78,000 a year and a lead game designer can make a annal salary between $70,000 and $100,000 per year. There was about 68,900 workers employed across the United States in 2012, and the growth rate of six percent expected to result in an increase of 4,300 jobs by 2022. Also, there will be a large percent increase that will make good amount of job openings and opportunity in this field.
The reason why I had chosen this career is because I have noticed that soon technology will be bigger than what it is to this day. Especially video games, because most people play video games from time to time or every day. Video game designing would be the field of work that I want to get into because video games seem to be the main use in technology and everyone's favorite thing to do in their spare time. Plus I would design games that have never been seen before and make them better than any other game ever played.
By: Nicholas Sanchez Per.6
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