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Project Management Activities

Software Project Management assignment created by Diana Ciorcas

Diana Ciorcas

on 9 March 2011

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Transcript of Project Management Activities

Project Management Activities Planning and Scope Scheduling/Estimating Tracking and Control Risk Management Financial Analysis & Cost Management Requirements & Change Management
Planning: the construction of a dynamic agreement
across diverse functional groups involved
in a project:
goals and deliverables
the major activities performed to achieve
those goals The Sooner you Start, the Later you Finish ... The team needs to know, you need to know, management needs to know:
where is this project, really?
on time?
on budget?
about to tank?
in need of certain kinds of help? Special techniques for risk analysis: SWOT Analysis User Impact Assessment Project Risk Checklist Calculating Expected Monetary Value (EMV) of Risks
Risk Management Plan Risk Management Process Risk Strategy Selection Matrix Risk Management Model Every project manager should understand the business case for his or her project.
Tools that will help:
Cost Benefits Analysis Template
Benefits Realization Plan
Tools and Equipment List
Project Budgets and Cost Tracking Requirements Management Plan Requirements Walkthrough Checklist Root Cause Analysis Checklist Agile Technique – Requirements Cards Software Requirements Specification Marketing Requirements Document Business Requirements Document Product Requirements Specification Now you know how it's done!
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