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The AP Tour 2010

aka the greatest concert. ever.

Samantha Linard

on 18 April 2010

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Transcript of The AP Tour 2010

Who? The Summer Set Every Avenue The Cab Hey Monday Nevershoutnever! The Summer Set The Cab Nevershoutnever Hey Monday Every Avenue After a few years of playing together, brothers Stephen and John Gomez, friend Jessica Bowen and Brian Dales formed the Summer Set in 2007. from Scottsdale, Arizona. released their first album on October 13, 2009 Brian Dales - Vocals
Jessica Bowen - Drums
CHICK DRUMMER. heck yeah. John Gomez - Piano/Guitar
Stephen Gomez - Bass
Josh Montgomery - Guitar next appearance:
WARPED TOUR! Genre:pop rock/indie pop formed in Marysville, Michigan in 2003. released some smaller albums in the beginning and had trouble getting noticed.

in 2008 they released their first full length album and it was #27 on the U.S. Billboard charts. you may have seen them before..
in Warped Tour 2008 genre: alternative rock David Ryan Stauchman - vocals and piano
Joshua Randall - guitar
Jimmie Deeghan - guitar and back up vocals
Matt Black - bass and back up vocals
Dennis Wilson - drums Alex DeLeon and Cash Colligan started the band when they were in high school together. their main break was when they gave a demo to Spencer (PATD) and he helped them sign with Decaydance Records and Fueled by Ramen. (2004) they have toured with Panic! At The Disco, We The Kings, Metro Station, Cobra Starship, There For Tomorrow, Charlotte Sometimes, Forever The Sickest Kids, Dashboard Confessional, The Plain White Tees, The Hush Confessional, Rocket to the Moon, Anarbor, The Summer Set, Nevershoutnever, My Favorite Highway..yeah thats about it. Their first album was The Whisper War released in April 2008. this album was named #1 Tops Heatseeker by Billboard. like the summer set, they will also be at WARPED TOUR! new album coming out in DECEMBER! Alex Deleon - lead vocals
Alex Marshall - guitar/piano/backing vocals
Alex Johnson - drums and percussion

TOURING band members:
Joseph Thunder - bass guitar
Charles Henry - guitar from VEGAS! Alternative rock / pop punk after high school, Cassadee Pope started the bad 'Blake' with her friend but it was never signed and kind of just fell apart. from West Palm Beach, Florida current members got together and eventually formed Hey Monday and released their debut album Hold On Tight in October of 2008 with labels Decaydance and Columbia Records. Cassadee has been featured in music videos with Fall Out Boy and in a remix of Take My Hand by The Cab. She even made a guest appearance on Degrassi. Toured with bands like..
The Providence, A Rocket to the Moon, We The Kings, All American Rejects, Cobra Starship, All Time Low, The Friday Night Boys, Carolina Liar, TAI, Metro Station, and The Bigger Lights. Cassadee Pope - vocals and guitar
Mike Gentile - lead guitar
Alex Lipshaw - guitar
Michael Moriarty - bass
Patrick McKenzie - drums alternative rock/pop
EMO? February 11th, 1991
(19 years old) Christofer Drew Ingle Joplin, MO he started NSN in September of 2007 strictly vegan dropped out of high school to follow his music career. Won the Breaking Woody Award in 2009 from the MTV awards. Warner Bros. Records
Sire Records
Loveway Records Acoustic pop guitar, vocals, ukelele, piano, keyboard percussion and bass.
AP TOUR 2010!
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