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Luminosity Template

Luminosity Template

Austin Graham

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Luminosity Template

14th Year in Business | 350 + Clients
Healthcare Informatics Firm
An application providing visibility on the location and status of patients, staff and mobile equipment.
Staff, Patients, and/or Assets are tagged with sensors that transmit their location every 1.5 seconds. Similar to a highly accurate indoor GPS and often referred to as RTLS ( Real Time Location Systems ) .
Areas of focus within
Biomed / Clinical Engineering
Nursing / Providers
Infection Control
C-Levels and Operation Directors
What can Luminosity do for
Biomed & Clinical Engineering
- Find Missing Equipment Instantly

- Instantly get an inventory count

- Decrease equipment shrinkage

- Increase efficiency during the PM process

- Automatic alerts for equipment that leaves defined areas in the organization
Biomed & Clinical Engineering
- View History of Asset Utilization
- Determine if you are Underutilizing or Over utilizing equipment
- Identify surplus medical equipment
- Analyze Equipment Rentals
- See what staff used the equipment last
- Automatic alerts for equipment that leaves a defined area in the hospital
Biomed & Clinical Engineering

Workflow Engine
-Unique workflow engine to visually design your own rules for assets
-Automatic triggered events such as emails, text message, automatic phones , and control systems
-Automated Reporting engine that delivers the right reports to the right people at the right time
What can Luminosity do for
Infection Control
-Dramatically increase hand hygiene compliancy
-Dashboard reporting on HAI outbreaks
-Dashboard reporting on individual staff patterns
-Monitor time spent cleaning patient environment to ensure procedures are followed
-Mobile Assets are automatically marked as clean or dirty based upon their location
How the hand hygiene system
1.Sensors are deployed on the hand hygiene dispensers and Nurses wear the staff badges

2.When a nurse enters occupied patient room Luminosity monitors if the caregiver has activated the dispensers and IDs the person based on the staff badge they are wearing

3.If the nurse did not activate the hand dispenser a gentle reminder is sent to their staff badge

4.All positive and negative hand hygiene actions are stored and tracked in Luminosity
What can Luminosity do for
Nursing / Providers
-Watches patient alone time and sends messages for rounding

- Find patients and equipment instantly

- Dashboard reporting on nurse productivity

- Automatically records interactions with patient

- Shows room availability

- Reporting to help analyze HCAHPS scores
What can Luminosity do for
Environmental Services
-Instantly know when patients have been discharged for cleaning to start
-Dashboard reporting on room turnover time
-Room status updates can be made by simply pressing the buttons on staff badges
-Medical Equipment is automatically changed to soiled after use and notifications are sent
-Dashboard reporting on room turnover time
What can Luminosity do for
C - Levels
-Graphical reporting to make key decisions

-View Real-time dashboard of the facility capacity

-Reporting to optimized Equipment Rentals

-Decrease the time of unused beds
What can Luminosity do for
-Reduce Wait times to increase overall satisfaction
-Family dashboard views to show the status and location of their family member at all time
-Nurse call buttons are always with the patient
-Patient Wander Management
Luminosity No
Risk Trial
-We deploy inexpensive trial kit ( ~ 5,000 )

-If you are not satisfied with the results we will refund your money after 90 days
•Most Hospitals in the US already have Lync licenses to use with their Microsoft EA licenses

•Luminosity enhances Lync by showing real-time location and status information on staff

•Lync becomes the central messaging tool used to communicate between staff to staff as well as patient to staff

•Communication methods can be voice, live video, or IM.

•Lync replaces expensive traditional communication systems like Cisco phone systems and handsets
Microsoft Lync
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