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Hatchet Timeline

This is my Hatchet timeline on Prezi.

Will Smith

on 15 December 2010

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Transcript of Hatchet Timeline

HATCHET TIMELINE By: Willard Smith Chapter:1
The pilot of Brian Robeson's Cessna 406 had a heart attack and died. Chapter:2
Brian attempts to contact help. Chapter:3
Brian crashes the Cessna 406 into an L-shaped lake somewhere in the Canadian wilderness. Chapter:4
Brian repeatedly remembers the "secret". Chapter:5
Brian attempts to motivate himself and make a plan. Chapter:6
He finds what he calls "gut cherries" and eats too many. Chapter:7
He finds raspberries when searching for better berries. Chapter:8
Brian is invaded by a porcupine and discovers that the nick in the rock is made of flint. Chapter:9
Brian makes fire after many unsuccesful attempts. Chapter:10
During the night a turtle wakes Brian while coming to shore to lay its eggs. Chapter:11
Brian realizes that he has changed mentally and physically and understand nature. Chapter:12
He hears a bush plane coming and runs to his signal fire though is too late and the pilot flies away not noticing the smoke. Chapter:13
Brian finally remembers that water refracts light and deduces that that is why he was unable to spear his fish. He finally hits on with his bow and arrow. Chapter:14
Brian gets sprayed by a skunk which ends up eating his eggs. He makes a fish pen for the storage of his fish. Chapter:15
He learns that in order to catch a foolbird you must look for the outline of the bird rather than the color-he catches one for the first time. Chapter:16
A moose attacks Brian when he is cleaning his hands and his weapons. After this a tornado hits his campsite. Chapter:17
Brian rebuilds his campsite after the tornado hits. He builds a raft and attempts to get into the crashed Cessna 406. Chapter:18
He eventually breaks into the plain and retrieves the survival pack. Chapter:19
When looking through the survival pack Brian finds and emergency transmitter and while turning it on and off, accidentally leaves it on when he sets it aside. When he is found instead of asking the pilot any questions one would usually find of interest he simply asked, "Would you like something to eat?" This shows how much he has changed.

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