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Japan's Shoguns

No description

Tigger Pham

on 10 May 2017

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Transcript of Japan's Shoguns

Japan's Government
First Shogun
The first shogun was Minamoto Yoritomo.
Shoguns ruled Japan's government for about 700 years.
Eric GAY., Raymond H.& Tyler P.POOPS

He was born on May 9,1147.
He ruled from 1192 until 1199.
He died on February 9,1199.
What Is A Shogun?
A shogun is a commander of all the emperor's military forces.
Video Of A Shougun: Minamoto Yoritomo

When the idea of a shogun was introduced the Japanese government was split in half.

Summarize Of A Shogun
To conclude from our presentation (Prezi) we will lastly inform you that in 1192 the Shoguns were defeted my the Mongols.
To protect themselves during war, Shoguns would wear armor from head to toe. For their head they would wear a hat called Kuwagata. Their bodies would be covered with a robe made out of wood to protect themselves. Lastly, they would wear a shoe armor called Suneate that would protect their legs and feet.
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This video is made for a video game. So please don't laugh it is in a certain form.
In 1192 the first shogun was given command of all of the emperor's military forces. According to "Web-japan.org" they state: "During the Heian period(794-1192) the members of the military gradually became more powerful than the court officials, and eventually they took control of the government." This is important because this is the reason why a shogun was needed. A shogun was needed because the Heian period economy of military was high and someone needed to control it. According to answers.com they state: "To have a commander of all of military forces," meaning that a shogun was needed to control the emperor's military.
How and why was the title of a shogun developed?

As a shogun there was very little responsibility to do. One responsibility was to license foreign trade. This means that the shogun would have to look at international trade ships and people. Another job that a shogun had was to operate gold mines. This can be looked at to mean they had to look and dig out gold mines. The last job that a shogun had to do was to rule major cities. to mean that they had to look and help the/a city(ies) safety. In return of these 3 jobs, shoguns got a 25% of land back to them and their families.
What were the responsibilities of a shogun? Be detailed.
Shoguns had a few social custom and traditions. One of those tradition was they loved to drink tea. According to Teamuse.com, the website gives ideas on how the shoguns would make their teas. Another tradition was customs and manners. They would always be well-mannered and never be disrespectful. The last tradition was religion. They would practice Buddhism when it finally reached Japan. According to www.shogun.ro, the website explains that most of the Japanese families are the same. They both celebrate the same holidays, religion, and they eat the same food mostly everyday.
Explain 3 of their social customs and traditions.
Minamoto Yoshinaka, Price Morikum and Tokugawa Yoshinobu are important to the Japanese society for these certain reasons; Minamoto Yoshinaka was a general of the late Heian period. He was also a member of the Minamoto Samurai clan who killed thousands of people. Prince Morikum is important because he was a chef minister who later became a Buddhist preist before his passing in 1333. The last important shogun is Tokugawa Yoshinobu who was in office for 8 years and fought in the Boshin War.
Name 3 important Shoguns and report on how they impacted Japanese Society? Justify your response.
Spielvogel, Jackson. Medival and Early Modern Times. McGraw Hill, 2006. 638. Print.
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