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Briar Woods UNICEF

No description

hima gonuguntla

on 10 September 2014

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Transcript of Briar Woods UNICEF

What is UNICEF?
Our Motto
United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)
190 countries and territories
Aims to save and improve children's lives with
health care
clean water
emergency relief and more
Founded in 1946
WWII needs met in China, Middle east, and Europe
Helps provide relief and support
We believe in Zero!
Benefits of joining our club!
Impact the worldwide network that UNICEF offers.
Learn about global issues
Have access to volunteer opportunities, publication, and a national network of student volunteers
build your resume for college apps
build leadership skills
How to become a member!
1) Fill out an application
2) Register online as a volunteer
3) Join Briar woods high School online
***If you choose to become a member, please keep in mind that your are protecting the name and reputation of Briar Woods and UNICEF.
How many hours do I have to volunteer?
You may volunteer as many hours as you would like and are able to.
Most UNICEF High School Club volunteer members spend five to ten hours a month on UNICEF volunteer activities.
Rules & Regulations
agree to uphold the positive image of the U.S fund for UNICEF.
Help to plan and implement education, advocacy, and fund raising activities at your school and in you community on behalf of UNICEF.
Participate in membership meetings regularly
Upcoming Events
October: BANQUET, Trick or Treat
November: Bake sale, Chipotle Night
Register online
Websites will be on the BWHS webpage under activities, UNICEF

1) Register with the UNICEF Action Center at
(note: previous members of the Online Volunteer Center can log-in using their previous username/password)

2) Then visit
and select “Join a Club.” Search Briar Woods High School
Be the change you want to see in the world!
"I have a voice. It‘s one of my gifts. I intend to use it on behalf of the children that UNICEF seeks to aid."
- Laurence Fishburne
Together, we are working toward the day when ZERO children die from preventable causes and every child has a safe and healthy childhood!
Contact Info
Email Address: bwhsunicef@gmail.com
Our Website: www.briarwoodsunicef.weebly.com
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