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Arts Funding for the Public Appeal

Samantha Wroblewski

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of i-Investigate

i-Investigate History "Piss Christ" by Andres Serrano Elephant Dung portrait of virgin mary by Chris Ofili American flag carpet disrepect religion national Pornagraphy in public Obscene offensive First argument Arts funding People have found it offensive Not all people Broad appeal would make people have better emotions when seeing the art graffiti Regarding funding people don't want to fund what they don't like. Second Argument America has mixed cultures With those cultures different types of art Different ideas Does America have a specfic art? I believe that the art funded by the government
should appeal to a varity of people. This way people of the government won't be mad, and take away the funding. My Conclusion I do believe in freedom People should be more careful because people will use thier freedom to take control of what art can cause and destroy it. People could continue what they are doing from non-government funding programs. Even with people being mad, the government will fund what it wants to. Because of the broad appeal of the people The funding wouldn't have started to begin with. So the funding is already in the appeal of the people. Art is used to form buildings Art helps make structures and buildings. Helps solve problems. Morals Takeing away the art because it doesn't reach a broad appeal would be almost a lie! Political cartoons help people get points across. Art Shapes Emotions Global icons History effects LIFE The arts funding reserch project By Samantha Wroblewski
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