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frickle frackle jensen ackles

um dont pay attention to this..

Kyra Bridges

on 30 August 2014

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Transcript of frickle frackle jensen ackles

frickle frackle jensen ackles
dis is dean. he lieks pie. and is adorable.
dean is a hunter of all things demon
dean lieks to make funny faces
dis is deans bro sammy
he makes facials 2
but he is very cute and smart
sammy used 2 have speshul powers but now hes normal lel
dis is deans bf cas
he's a angel
they r perfect 4 each other
they r destiel
u think u know deans story
but you dont
his life is filled with much pain
such hurt
very winchester
hes not a pretty cryer tho
what am i saying hes always pretty
dis john.
dere dad.
hes a bad dad lel
after dey mom die,
john made dem hunt
dis is his life lel
but deani still luv him
none of us do, bby
after dad died (spoilerz lel)
bobby was dere role model

hes a nice feller with one hat and a dark past
dis is his saying lel
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