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Roman Medicine Legacy Project

No description

Davin Wilson

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of Roman Medicine Legacy Project

n M

By: Davin Wilson
Famous People for Roman Medicine

A few people that were famous people in medicine for Rome is a Hindu surgeon named Shushruta who used a procedure called the pedicle flap. another famous Roman medicine was a man named Hippocrates. Hippocrates made the scientific method more popular and made the statement that diseasses were not sent by the gods unlike most people thought, and he belived that the body has four humors, they are yellow bile, black bile, blood, phlegm. A third man that influenced Roman medicine was Cornelius Celsus. This man expanded Hippocrates's work in the brain by preforming brain surgery and neurosurgery on skull fractures. He also wrote a book called
On Medicine
. Finally Romes most famous doctor was named Galen. He wrote books on human anatomy. He took peoples pulses.

Some tools Roman doctors would use are...
The bone lever. The bone lever was used to put bones that were broken back into place.
The bone forceps were used to take fragments of bone out of the body during surgery.
The obstretical hooks were used to dissect and to raise blood vessels like the modern day aneurism needle.
Roman tool
There are many other tools that they used including adbominal forceps, scalples, and many
other tools. Most of these tools are early
versions of modern day tools.
More About Medicine
The Roman god for medicine was Aesculapeus, he was a son of the god Apollo. The Romans had ways of keeping clean and safe from diseases by having stone walkways to stay away from dirty ground, they had baths in public areas, and they also had piping system for the restrooms.
Roman Toilets
Modern Day Toilet
EW, that looks uncomfortable.
Much better.
What Do They Use To Cure You Then?
One thing that they did to cure you is alcohol, yes I said it alcohol, wine in fact here is how. They would put herbs in the wine because the wine is good at extracting active elements from medical plants. That also was not a last solution to a disease it was in fact used a lot as an "antidote" for poison, or just to cure you.
On another note...
wrong note friend.
Some of the the plants the Romans used for medicine was
Sage plant. The use was for bread and wine to ensure good health.
Brambles. Gelen and the Greeks used it for gout, chewing helps bleeding gums, also for cuts.
garlic. This was for disinfecting.
There were so many more plants the list goes on forever. (not really everything has an end) but you know what I mean.

That is some smelly stuff.
wrong note.
I covered every thing
Thank you for taking the time to hear me do this
you guys rock.
Ha! I am not done yet.
I didn't tell you how they had
an impact on us.
How Rome impacted us
Today people use plants to help in the treatment to cure people.
Rome did use a sort of anesthesia. What they had was a type of poison! Using poison was tricky though, they had to get the amount just right, or you know, something bad might happen. Because of the lack of anesthesia doctors where trained to ignore screaming.
The tools they used looked fun to use. Ok I guess not. They may not be very fun looking but they worked and we modeled our tools after their tools and here is an example of a safer but still scary looking tool.
The toilets, baths, and piping may not have been Rome's idea but our bathrooms are very similar, but our have a little more privacy.
Galen studied animals to learn about our body and other animals bodies, just like we do today.
One last thing they wrote books on medical procedures and anatomy, so do we. One example of this was Cornelius Celsus, and he wrote
On Medicine.
Don't let him lie to you!
Remember that?
Now are we done?
Now are we done?
Do you remember me?
You better because...
Yes we are done but...
I hoped you liked it
Have a great day


Almost 60 slides I am at 59 right now.
How Did they learn about medicine
One reason that the Roman's learned about medicine and the body is by the good old gladiators. The gladiators would hurt each other very badly and people had to help them with the wounds. Galen felt that because monkeys walked on two legs that they could help us learn about the human body, so they dissected animals.
S'up ladies?
No thank you
I told you, Galen, he was a very important man.
Galen wrote many many books on anatomy by studying animals and became an expert.
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