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Building a Digital Humanities Community

No description

Cori Strickler

on 18 October 2016

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Transcript of Building a Digital Humanities Community

Our Goals
Get faculty to talk to one another
Provide a safe place to try new things
Build faculty/IT/library relationships
Help faculty know we are there to help!
DHWG 2.0
Getting the new provost on board
Building upon our DH foundation
Having faculty share with the rest of campus
Being more selective with our members
Our Successes!
Faculty participation
Engagement with the content
Engagement with each other
Our struggles working with faculty
(And how we overcame them)
Ways that we benefited from working together
Lessons from building a learning community
Our next steps - Goals for DHWG 2.0
Struggle #2
Getting participants to participate
A success and failure
Translating initial interest into engagement
Being more strategic with applications
Building a Digital Humanities Community
Bridgewater College
Faculty divisional structure
Previous partnerships between Library and IT
"Academic Computing" on campus
VFIC Grant
the Digital Humanities Working Group
Struggle #1
Getting Faculty Buy-in
Challenges caused by new divisional structure
The new Center for Engaged Learning
Promoting a working group led by staff
Struggle #3
Is it Digital Humanities?
Faculty not comfortable with technology
Need help thinking outside the box
Needed to build a foundation first
More Successes!
A Collaboration between Library and IT
Emily Goodwin - Instructional Technologist

Cori Strickler - Information Literacy Librarian
ASCUE 2016 Tuesday, June 14
Emily - egoodwin@bridgewater.edu
Cori - cstrickl@bridgewater.edu
Faculty see us as a resource
We are now part of the conversation
We are more confident!
Changing the reputation of IT and Library on campus
US Dept of Agriculture - https://flic.kr/p/AfT5Lx
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