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stephanie miles

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of GRAPHIC DESIGN.

A graphic designer is someone who specializes in creating and editing visual messages for businesses and other clients, This work is very collaborative, and people with this job often team up with others who can contribute to the finished design, such as photographers. They usually rely a lot on modern technology, completing projects with computers and other related electronic technology. Most People in this occupation are very creative and organized people who are excellent at communicating and working with others, and who have at least a bachelor's degree- (WiseGeek 2003-2012). They design visual ways to represent ideas They make images such as signs, logos, and adds. They work for things such as magazines, individual company's for marketing, and even own their own individual stores and business's.
Graphic design is something many people want to take and many people who choose to work in this industry go to college to get formal, hands-on training and to network. In most cases, a bachelor's degree is necessary for entry-level positions. The degree can be in a very closely-related subject, such as art or website design. Several years of experience is an acceptable alternative to a degree for some employers, however. After at least one to three years of work, it is often possible for someone to advance to a higher level, such as artistic supervisor or lead designer. (About.com 2013)

4. Find Out Whats Out There:
When you have a basic idea of what your wants and needs are, then you can start looking around for available job and internships. Eliminate the ones that don't fit your needs and ones you are not qualified for. Don't just browse, STUDY the job listings.

5. Network:
Learn how to network, talk to your teachers, local organizations/ associations, family members, and friends about it.

6. Develop a Professional Brand:
Having a professional brand can help you get a job or advance further in your career as a graphic design artist, This combines networking as well as showing off what you offer. Put your best self out there, be the best you can be.

Don't give up, these steps might not work right away but don't give up.
1. Know What You Want:
No one can tell you what path to take in your life, you have to evaluate your wants and needs on your own and decide whats best for you.

2. KNOW What You Can Offer:
Your employer is more interested in what you can offer them, more than you are interested in what you will get out of it. Evaluate your skills.

3. SHOW What You Can Offer:
You will need the standard resume for this job, but with graphic design you almost ALWAYS need a portfolio of your work to hand in as well. Even if you have only student work. Choose your best pieces.

What you need for entry position
Entry Level position (2)
What is a Graphic Designer?
Education and Experience Requirements
Chances for Advancement
It's very rare as a graphic designer to have any potential for advancement. if you' aren't working for someone like a magazine that puts gives out seven or eight titles, a big daily newspaper or a large advertising agency, you're probably going to be the only graphic designer in the company. So there's really no potential for any advancement because there's nowhere for you to advance to. Unless you're working for a big agency or a magazine, you could get promoted to something like art director or creative director. A newspaper will have a design supervisor. In most cases, though, you are probably the only one in your field.
You can advance and become Art Director or Design Director, but often Graphic Designers start their own businesses as a move up.
Future Prospects
A job as a graphic designer will probably turn out to remain the same throughout your career

1. The employment rate will likely keep rising over time because of the need fro information technologies, and the increasing number of websites.

2. The number of job seekers will almost always over exceed the number of jobs that are available in this field.

3. The average hourly wage for Graphic Designers and Illustrators is about $19.00/HR, and it could go up from there.

4. Your average wage is also slightly higher than other occupations

Graphic Design is an art that comes from your mind just like any other form of art.

Some graphic designers make thousands of dollars for a single design.

Some of the Graphic Designers had actually presented hand writing logos which become extremely popular. (Coca Cola)

A Graphic Designer degree is a four year degree. This is an important degree that will help you to know about business also.

The boy silhouetted in the logo design of Hollywood studio DreamWorks is William, the son of Robert Hunt, the illustrator hired for the design.
Interesting Facts
Stephanie Miles :D
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