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Amber Chrischilles

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Invention

DNA PROFILING DNA profiling was invented in 1984. It was invented in the lab of Dr. Alec Jeffreys. When and where was it invented? Who was it invented by? DNA profiling was invented by Dr. Alec Jeffreys. He discovered the differences while looking at results from one of his lab workers’ family members. Why was DNA profiling invented? DNA profiling has helped law enforcement and genealogy. Even though DNA profiling has been used only on about 1% of cases, it has helped solve many crimes such as murder crimes and crimes that have been closed and called unsolved. It has also helped determine family members in immigration cases. DNA profiling wasn’t made for a reason, but it helped many things. DNA profiling has also helped detect diseases. DNA profiling has impacted the law and the people who are trying to solve the crime. This has a good effect because solving a crime could take a long time and DNA profiling helps quicken this. If the accused person's DNA does not match up, then they could be convicted innocent. That is helping them because they don’t have to go through a trial or go to jail. DNA profiling has also affected scientists and doctors. DNA profiling has helped science advance. This has a positive impact on both the doctors and scientists. Doctors are able to go back into the DNA and see where the disease came from. Are there similar products? No, but there are many ways to check the DNA. One way to DNA profile is called restriction fragment length polymorphism. DNA profiling is very complicated and hard to understand the details. How has sales of DNA changed over time? DNA profiling isn’t for sale. DNA is a process, not a thing. How has DNA profiling changed over time? DNA profiling tests have dramatically increased in sensitivity over the last 2 decades. You used to have to give a sample the size of ink in a pen, now scientists have been able to get DNA from the saliva from a cigarette end. The speed that results have been made has increased very much. That is because there have been made tools for DNA profiling. Because of all of this, the quality has been better. If I could add something to DNA profiling, it would be to have it be easier to do. If it was easier, it would probably be used more often and solve crimes faster. Who has been impacted by this invention? In a good or bad way?
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