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Oliver Holmes

This presentation is brought to you by Ashley Moresi, Kristie Castille, Kelsey Dellahoussaye, and Victory Auccion.

Ashley Moresi

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Oliver Holmes

Double click anywhere & add an idea Oliver Wendell Holmes
Old Ironside born 1809 died Cambridge Boston 1894 Schooling Phillips Andover Academy Havard at 20
graduated became the dean quotes "A new untruth is better
than a new truth" "controversy equilizes fools and wise men
-and the fools know it" "The great thing in this world is not so much where you stand, as in what direction you are moving" Works God Save the Flag The Chambered Nautilus The Deacons Masterpiece histroy popular name for the naval ship
USS CONSTITUION It is reported that sometime during the battle, witnessed a British shot that bounced off the side of the Constitution and exclaimed, "Huzzah Her sides are made of iron" The Americans emerged
from the battle victorious, and since then the ship has been popularly
referred to as Old Ironsides. When word got out that the ship was going to be distroyed, many people where outraged. When Oliver Holmes heard the news he wrote "Old Ironside" which became very popular. Soon after the secretary of the Navy orderd the ship be restored and return to active duty. theme pride patriotism published 1836 explination Old Ironsides is about a ship at the end of battle.
The poem describes the ships condition and
everything that took place durring battle.
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