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Jose Garcia

on 11 August 2015

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Transcript of CURRICULUM


Gregory Anderson, Ed.D.

Michael Heumann, Ph.D.

Kenna Hillman

Kathleen A. Rose, Ed.D.

What is Curriculum?
"the courses offered by an educational institution"
Websters, 2013
Standards vs. Curriculum
- expectations, what is to be learned
• decision made at the
state level.
- Program designed to teach the standards
• decision made on
local level
Example: Standard- "students should know 2+2=4
Curriculum- " Here is how we are going to teach the student that 2+2=4"
Why do we have Curriculum?
Curriculum Decisions

Just like Goldilocks & the 3 Bears
• Too Hot:
Too much micromanagement and not enough room for creativity
• Responsible for ensuring that the systems are in place
• Provides technical guidance as needed
• Communicates the instructional goals to the campus community
• Ensures curriculum continuity with other department offerings
• Guides curriculum development in context of current programs
• Reflects a holistic view of curriculum development within the college's mission
Curriculum, including establishing prerequisites
Degree and certificate requirements
Grading policies
Educational program development
Standards or policies regarding student preparation and success
Processes for program review
Research and coordinate all information
Discuss course(s) with other appropriate faculty
Draft all documentation
Submit documentation to department chair for approval
Attend appropriate curriculum committee meetings
Connection between Faculty and Administration
Roles for curriculum as follows:
Vice President of Instruction, Cañada College
Executive Vice President and Chief Instruction Officer, Gavilan Community College
• Must ensure a smooth and balanced curriculum process on your campus

• Must communicate technical aspects
and Title 5 changes

• Must work continuously as a team
• Too Cold:
Hands-off approach; groups work in isolation
• Just Right:
Learning requires an atmosphere of openness; Norms are established for a place where collective inquiry and innovation can flourish
7 Principles for Cultivating Communities of Practice
Cultivating Communities of Practice: A Guide to Managing Knowledge
Design for evolution
Open a dialogue between inside & outside perspectives
Invite different levels of participation
Develop both public & private community spaces
Focus on value
Combine familiarity and excitement
Create a rhythm for the community
Examples in
Communities of Practice: groups of people who share a concern, set of problems, or a passion about a topic
Deepen their knowledge and expertise by interacting frequently
First knowledge-based social structures
Value of Communities of Practice
Arena for quick problem solving
More perspectives on problems
Coordination, standardization, and synergies across units
Ability to take risks with backing of the community
Benefits to the College
Short Term Value
Improve Outcomes
Ability to execute an appropriate, innovative and vibrant curriculum
Increased retention of talent
Forum for "benchmarking" against other colleges
Ability to foresee technological developments
Long Term Value
Develop Capabilities
Help with challenges
Better able to contribute
More meaningful participation
Sense of belonging
Benefits to the Curriculum Community
Short Term Value
Improve Experience of Work
Forum for expanding skills and expertise
Enhanced professional reputation
Increased marketability and employability
Strong sense of professional identity
Long Term Value
Foster Professional Development
Academic Senate President, Imperial Valley College
How do campuses identify the
strengths to make this work?

What examples can you provide?
Curriculum Chair, Long Beach City College


Primacy over curriculum as identified in 10+1:

• Ensure compliance with all regulatory parties
• Remain current with all state technical changes
• Facilitate and support training and professional development
• Monitor and support logistical activities at every level
• Inform constituent groups of ongoing external mandates
and developments
ESL Deactivation

Repetition and Recency

Course Routine Review

Premature Program Posting

Math Madness

Abusing the Work Experience
• What are the issues?
• Who are the responsible parties?
• How might this be resolved?
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