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Shape NC Phase II

No description

on 23 November 2015

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Transcript of Shape NC Phase II

Shape NC Phase II
Local partnerships leveraged significant additional resources to support Shape NC in their local communities.
A total of almost $1.2 million!
Over $75,000 in cash donations
Nearly $1 million in grants
Over $130,000 in services
Overweight & Obesity
Ranked 17th most obese state in the US- 29.1% of adults are obese
65% of adults in NC are overweight or obese

Children 2 to <5: 30.5% overweight or obese (14.4% obese)
5th highest rate of childhood obesity in the nation

69% of U.S. Adults are Overweight or Obese
Childhood Obesity Factors
Food Choices
Physical Activity Levels
Obese Parents or Parents with Poor Health Behaviors
Excessive Weight Gain During Pregnancy
Eating Patterns
An Integrated Model
Shape NC works in Smart Start Partnerships and child care centers to make changes that:

Improve Nutrition & Support Breastfeeding
Increase Physical Activity & Reduce Screen Time
Improve Outdoor Learning Environments
Health Risks of Childhood Obesity
Heart Disease
Breathing Problems
Type 2 Diabetes
Musculoskeletal Problems
Weight Discrimination

1 in 3 children will be overweight or obese by their 5th birthday.

Our Goal
To increase the number of children entering kindergarten at a healthy weight.
Center Accomplishments
Child care centers have substantially increased their adoption of physical activity, nutrition, and outdoor learning best practices
On average, centers almost doubled the number of best practices adopted, increasing the percent met from 40% to 74%

• The number of children provided with fruit two or more times per day increased from 34% to 80%
• The number of children provided with vegetables two or more times per day increased from 32% to 60%

• The number of children provided with 90 minutes or more of physical activity daily rose from 51% to 85%
Over the past three decades, childhood obesity rates in America have tripled.

Preschool age children who are overweight are 5X more likely to be overweight as young adults

All 19 child care centers made improvements to their outdoor learning environments including additions such as bike paths, shade structures and vegetable gardens.

Garden beds
Shape has four Smart Start partnerships as hubs. Each hub partnership will provide general training offerings to all the partnerships in their regions and will continue to provide more intensive services to four or five Smart Start partnerships that are part of Shape NC in their regions.
Hub Specialists
Hub Specialists (one per region) will continue to provide technical assistance to Shape Model Early Learning Centers to help them become Demonstration Sites.

Hub Specialists will play an active role in coordinating a network of regional TA staff.
Community Engagement Specialists
Community Engagement Specialists will support the ABLe Change process by engaging community stakeholders and families in the implementation of Shape NC.
Shape is expanding to 240 new centers- 20 per year, per region.
Key Services
Key Services
Key Services
Cadre of ~40 TA Staff (10 per region) trained in Shape NC to support new centers
Key Services
Community Engagement
Key Services
ABLe Change Framework will be piloted in the 4 hub partnerships
ABLe Change Framework will expand to at least 4 new partnerships (years 2 and 3)
Shape NC Outcomes to Be Achieved in Three Years (2014 - 2016)
At least 12 Shape Model Early Learning Centers (MELCs) will become Demonstration Sites for promoting healthy weight and will serve as models and demonstration sites within their communities.

Outcome #2
At least 240 new centers will implement nutrition, physical activity and outdoor learning environment best practices as measured by the Go NAP SACC tool.

Outcome #3
At least 8 counties will use ABLe, an evidence based framework for change, to mobilize the community to develop a system that supports healthy weight among young children.

Outcome #4
The number/percent of children at healthy weight in the 19 model early learning centers will increase over time.

Outcome #5
At least 2000 Early Childhood Professionals will successfully complete an online professional development series (video conferencing, webinars, etc.) presenting Shape NC content and implementation strategies.

Cooking classes
Outdoor materials
Butterfly bushes
Yoga classes
Playground equipment
Rain barrels
Electric breast pumps
Farmer's Market produce
Outcome #1
Did you Know?
Food insecurity is complex, and the paradox is that not only can it lead to undernutrition and recurring hunger, but also to overweight and obesity

Healthy Changes at Shape NC Centers
What are some ways you have given children a healthier start?
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