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Hey Nostradamus! Presentation

Grade 11 ISU Presentation

Patrick Armstrong

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of Hey Nostradamus! Presentation

This novel made me feel a wide range of emotions
from sadness and fear to hope and happiness. Overall I thought it was an excellent novel. The lessons that I took from it were really great. It was an interesting and new style of writing which made it very gripping. Also the plot was very interesting because so many major events happened throughout the novel. Douglas Coupland Hey Nostradamus! Plot Summary The novel is written from four different
characters' perspectives. It begins with a
school shooting and then goes in to detail
about how it affects each character's life. Themes: The Idea of God the
Spirit World and the
Afterlife: Jason Jason's character is the most featured character in the book. Jason changes so many times so quickly throughout the novel. This is because of all the negative events that happen to him. One thing that I think the author is trying to focus on in the novel is change. More specifically, how quickly people can change in harsh situations and how that can affect them permanently. All of the students in the school changed in an instant as soon as they found out there were gunmen in the school. The students were just having a regular day, probably having no thoughts remotely close to murder and as soon as they have a chance to hurt the gunmen they stomp them to death. In most novels you only feel sympathy for one character. Douglas Coupland's writing style helped me feel sympathy for most of the characters in the novel. Throughout the novel, my opinion about each character changed many times. In the beginning of the novel I hated Reg and by the end I just felt sorry for him and this is because the perspective in the novel changed. - Canadian Novelist - Most famous for his first novel
Generation X: Tales for an
Accelerated Culture - He has Published:
13 Novels
7 Non-Fiction Books
Many screenplays and
dramatic works The park includes:
- A large red canoe overlooking the highway
- Large fishing bobbers
- A beaver dam
- A mile long run called the Terry Fox miracle mile
- A touchstone which is a rock that came from the end of Terry's run on the Trans-Canada Highway Douglas Coupland was part of the team that designed this park, which is in Toronto Canoe Landing Park CHERYL JASON HEATHER REG The novel begins from Cheryl's perspective. Her whole chapter takes place in one day. She is secretly married to Jason and she is also pregnant. Cheryl is in a religious group called youth alive. Throughout the day she is questioning the existence of God. "In homeroom I sat at my desk and wrote over and over on my pale blue binder the word God is nowhere/God is now here/God is no where/God is now here" (page 9). It appears to be a normal day but ends up far from that. Three students come into the school with guns and begin shooting everyone possible. Cheryl is stuck in the cafeteria. Jason runs in and tries to save her. He does kill one of the shooters with a rock, but he is too late. She dies watching tons of students jumping on a table with one of the gunmen underneath. Jason's chapter takes place eleven years after the shooting of his wife Cheryl. Douglas Coupland uses flashbacks, journals and letters to tell past events from Jason's perspective. Jason had a horrible relationship with his father Reg and after the shooting it only got worse. Reg is heavily influenced by religion and throughout the novel Jason questions religion. The shooting of Cheryl was only the beginning of his downward spiral. A few years later, his brother Kent dies in a car crash. Reg loved Kent more than Jason, his death resulted in Reg appreciating Jason more. Jason also gets into to other sorts of trouble with gangsters, drugs and money. Heather is Jason's new girlfriend, after Jason has begun to move on. Her chapter takes place three years after Jason's. She does not appear in his chapter and he does not appear in her's. From the beginning of Heather's part of the story, Jason has gone missing. She struggles to accept and grieve the loss of Jason. She ends up talking to a psychic named Alison. Alison tells Heather that she's received a message from Jason and proceeds to tell Heather things that only she and Jason would know. Eventually, Heather finds out that Jason told Alison all of this information in order to make Heather happy in case he went missing. The final portion of the novel takes place from Jason's dad Reg's perspective onr year after Heather's part of the novel. By this point in the novel Reg loves Jason and wants to keep everyone around him as close as he can. But it is too late because everyone around him is either gone or dislikes him. His whole chapter is a letter he puts up on trees all around the city in a hope that Jason will read it. His letter talks about how he has changed and how he regrets the past. His hope is that Jason is just avoiding him and that he will read the letter and come back. "But I haven't lost you, my son. No no no. And you will find one of these letters. I know you will" (page 244). The change in Jason, and other students when they encounter the gunmen in Hey Nostradamus is much like the way they act in the movie Elephant. This movie is also about a school shooting it features little dialogue and takes place in a concentrated period of time. Even so, the movie has many similarities with the novel. Perspective: Knowledge: Three main themes that I found were This is one main recurring theme in the novel. Douglas Coupland doesn't force the reader to think one-way or the other, he leaves you with questions. All of the characters wonder about God but no characters ever come to a decisive conclusion. What I think Coupland wants us to take away is that the idea of God and afterlife can be very reassuring and we may never know whether they exist or not. Every person should decide what to do with religion, but all possible ideas should be considered.
Religion is a choice. Everyone has their own perspective. Many of our personal views, other people can’t see and might never see. Everyone has their own set of eyes and their own perspective that will always stay. However, it is possible to change someone’s perspective to a certain extent: If you give anyone enough time and they face extreme situations, their perspective will shift. It's up to us to influence each other and help everyone have a positive perspective.

Perception is reality. I think that the author wanted us to
learn about the importance of
having knowledge. He wanted to tell us that knowledge can mean power but it depends what you do with it.
We need to learn that knowledge is the most powerful tool, but it's only powerful if you use it thoughtfully. Everyone needs to take all the knowledge they have and apply it to every situation.

Knowledge is power. My Opinion
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