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Chapters, Stanzas, and Scenes

Introducing how chapter, stanza, and scenes relate.

Amber Moore

on 8 September 2016

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Transcript of Chapters, Stanzas, and Scenes

What is the relationship between chapter, stanza, and scene?
Talk with your neighbor, what do you think is the relationship between these three?

One of the units, consisting of two or more lines, into which a poem or a song is divided; a verse.

The word stanza means "room" in Italian.
A part of a movie or a play that shows what is happening in one particular place and time.
A section of a book.
A Poem by J. Patrick Lewis
1. How many scenes are in the play
The Crowded House

2. Let's look at the poem. How many stanzas are in this poem?

3. Cut apart each stanza and place them in a different order. Does it still make sense?

Sand House
by J. Patrick Lewis

I built a house
One afternoon
With bucket, cup
And tablespoon.

Then scooped a shovel
Full of shore
On top to add
The second floor.

But when the fingers
Of the sea
Reached up and waved
A wave at me.

It tumbled down
Like dominoes
And disappeared
Between my toes.
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