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Kassidy's book report

I, Emma Freak by: Kassidy

Beth Gordon

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of Kassidy's book report

I, Emma Freak
By: Elisabeth Atkinson

Main Character
Emma- She is a little shy because she doesn't really talk in big crowds. For example, she was in a big crowd of older kids and she didn't say anything she just stood there. Emma is also stubborn because she really didn't listen to other people. For example, when her mom told her to do something she wouldn't do it because her mom Donatella made her do everything and she got tired of it. Emma was also miserable because she is super mad at her mom. For example when Emma was born her mom didn't say her name out loud so her name so her name sounds like "I am a freak".
Comparing & Contrasting
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