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How do rivers and deserts affect the way of life in The Midd

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Ashley Moore

on 29 August 2013

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Transcript of How do rivers and deserts affect the way of life in The Midd

How do rivers and deserts affect the way of life in The Middle East?
Climate of The Deserts
VERY hot climate in the deserts!!!!
3 main rivers in the Middle East are the Jordan River, The
The Desert Nomads or The Beoudins!
Arabic-Speaking people that live in the Middle Eastern
Rainfall is very low in the Desert
Rivers In The Middle East!
Euphrates River, and The Tigris River
Living in The Desert
The Desert Nomads make a living by sheep herding and trading homemade goods!
Living in the Desert (2)
"People live near Springs in the desert (Oasis)"
Would you live there???
Most people don't choose to live in the desert because of it's hot climate!
Providing Rivers
Rivers provide water sources, boundaries between countries, and transportation!
Rivers and streams provide Hydroelectric power. People build dams along the rivers to save that water for their countries power but then the countries down stream don't get as much water
The rivers and streams also provide water for farming!
Water is....
The most important resource for people! No Water, No Life!
Living along water...
"People usually live along the Tigris and Euphrates river!"
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