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Voting & Elections

No description

Gaby m

on 3 October 2014

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Transcript of Voting & Elections

-Parliament to vote on military deployment.
-Harper wants to send CF-18s to aid US in Iraq.
-No clear time limit or cost.
-Harper has not yet proposed a possible mission.
-Conservatives stand with Harper:
Strike ISIS before they attack Canada
Other UN countries are also helping
-Liberals and NDPs stand against conservatives:
Canada does not have the money.
There are other ways to help Iraq/Syria.
Kathleen Wynne says.
Early voting is changing election 'day' into election 'month'
Debate in the Parliament
Provincial: "Ranked Ballot for 2018"
Federal: ISIS a Canadian Crisis
International News:
In some states in America, voting is now being done by mail.
Democratics passed the all-mail ballot rule claiming it would ensure more voter participation
Republicans strongly opposed it claiming it was unnecessary for states with traditionally high voter turnouts
Ballots cast before election day increased from 4% in 1972 to 25% in 2010
Moving up the timing of the vote has forced campaigns to change.

Friday, October 3, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Be It Resolved That:
-two frontrunners for the mayoral race is Steve Mahoney and Bonnie Crombie

-factors being discussed for debate:
~transit & transportation
government will have more support from population.
votes are a representative of the whole population as oppose to a sample.
it could encourage citizens to take initiative and learn about political parties
A mandatory voting law would demonstrate to individual Canadians that the government believes voting is important and each vote has value.
Voting & Elections
"We will work with our allies on a counterterrorism operation to get us to the point where this organization does not have the capacity to launch those kind of attacks."
-Stephen Harper
Be It Resolved That:
"Voting is a basic responsibility of citizenship and therefore should be made mandatory for all citizens."
Arguments for:
Arguments against:
Chris Phan (Clipdude)
Canadian Role Models:
Mayoral candidates go toe-to-toe
Steve Mahoney
Bonnie Crombie
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-"Move Mississauga" 25-year plan

-wants to keep tax increases within range of inflation

-start a waterfront development in Mississauga
-"Mississauga Moves" 20-year plan

-also pledges to hold tax increases to the rate of inflation

-evolve the city in suburban-style development
Premier Kathleen Wynne has ordered her municipal affairs minister to give Ontario cities the option of using ranked ballots in the 2018 civic elections.

First past the post is not as democratic as Canadians believe, and instinctively wish our country to be.

By using a ranked ballot system, an apparent strong alternative (ranked 2nd or 3rd ballot) would have a chance to achieve an overall dominance.

Induces more democratic like elections, enabling the possibility of one party winning more than 50% of the votes, which is very rare in our political society in Canada.

“It’s not as if run-off voting is a foreign concept in Canada. (Candidates) tend to be more cordial to each other because they want to build second-place support of their opponents’ supporters,” Meslin said.
"Los Angeles Times." <i>Los Angeles Times</i>. Los Angeles Times, n.d. Web. 30 Sept. 2014. &lt;http://www.latimes.com/nation/politics/la-na-early-voting-2014-20140928-story.html&gt;.
Nellie McClung
Hazel McCallion
-Ensures everyone is involed in the choosing of their political leaders and is a part of that decision making process

-If citizens do not like any of the candidates they can "spoil" their ballot to send a message

-Many countries have already made voting mandatory including Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Fiji, Greece, Luxembourg, Peru, Nauru, Singapore, Switzerland and Uruguay. These countries have had much success with this.

-"There is little debate in Australia about whether compulsory voting infringes on rights. Voting is simply seen as a relatively undemanding civic duty. "
-Some may feel forced to vote parties they don't agree with

-Individuals with no interest in politics will most likely vote halfheartedly, effecting the results

-People feel that it is a democratic right to have the right not to vote if they do not want to

"We've got to be extremely careful before we start listening to the siren song of those who would propel us full force into a war."
-Thomas Mulcair
Emily Murphy
Born in 1868, Cookstown, Ontario
One of the famous five
Self taught legal expert
First women officer in British Empire
Was challenged in court
Kathleen Wynn
Premier of Ontario
First female
recognized as Premier
First Premier that is
openly non-heterosexual.
Fought for the votes for women in Canada
Continued to fight for her entire life
The Daily Laugh Corner
Newspaper by: Gaby, Aisha. Betty & Victoria
Arguments against:
Arguments for:
if someone doesn't want to vote, do you think they care enough about the issues to have an informed opinion?
resources must be allocated to determine if people had a valid reason for not voting
Studies show repeatedly that mandatory voting systems without a penalty simply are not as effective as those with an even minor fee for non-voting.
-longest serving mayor in this city
-Mississauga's mayor for 36 years
Benzie, Robert. "Ranked Ballot a Priority for 2018 Civic Elections, Kathleen Wynne Says | Toronto Star." Thestar.com. N.p., 30 Sept. 2014. Web. 01 Oct. 2014. <http://www.thestar.com/news/queenspark/2014/09/30/ranked_ballot_a_priority_for_2018_civic_elections_kathleen_wynne_says.html>.

-Harper wants to send CF-18 fighter jets to aid Iraq and Syria
-Parliament to vote on Monday
-Time limit on mission
-Cost of mission to come out of our taxes
-Harper is being very secretive
The other UN countries are helping
Attack them before they can attack us
-NDPs and Liberals:
there are better ways Canada can help
mission is very risky
Canada does not have the money
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