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No description

Mariela Santiago

on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of hyfh

To provide quality care in a safe and fun environment for children that is affordable for working parents.
About Kidcare
Located at the Petersen Elementary School
They've been in existence for 26 years
They rely on volunteers
For kids in Kindergarten-7th grade
About the Volunteers
The volunteers are mainly high school/middle school students
Seven people volunteer a day
Volunteers are trained with Laura and have to meet certain requirements and fill out paper work
Volunteers come at 2:30pm-6:00pm
2% of budget goes to administration
They provide child care services after school. The kids play games and eat there.
How They Get Their Money
Spaghetti dinners, pizza, holiday bazaars, mothers day sale with books and other things together.
What Would the Money be used for?
It would cover kids who can't pay. It would also pay for food, art, facility, toys, and supplies.
Why Should we Give Money to Kidcare?
They have been around for over two decades
Many kids and adults who have used the program donate later
All their money comes from grants and fundraisers
They don't have too many people who donate to them
Laura Hunsinger
Who gives them money?
The donations are from Figaro's, sunshine division, private donations and grants like Community 101.
She's been there for 12 years
Main administrator
Approves volunteers
She runs fundraisers
Laura does it because she loves helping the community and kids
By: Mariela Santiago, Eda Albuz, Carra Johnston, Abdel Nawras
Serves kids in Warren, Scappoose, and Sauvie Island.
Registered 501(c)(3)
Serves 20-30 kids a day
Open all school year (2:30pm-6:00pm)
Closed in the summer
More About Kidcare
Mission Statement
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