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Copy of The Third Wave Experiment

No description

Maria Samarina

on 25 April 2014

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Transcript of Copy of The Third Wave Experiment

The Third Wave
History Teacher Ron Jones
Sophomore class of World History


Experiment to demonstrate even democratic societies are not immune to fascism
Jones started a movement called "The Third Wave" which aimed to eliminate democracy
Spring 1967
During the Vietnam War
Stopped after 5 days
Palo Alto, California
Cubberley High School
To make the kids experience the attraction and rise of Nazi Germany
Show ignorance of German populace toward extermination of Jewish people
The Third Wave Experiment
by Maria Samarina
Monday: Strength through discipline
First day of experiment, only intended day
He told his students to end every answer and question with “Mr. Jones”
Made them sit with a certain posture (Practiced)

Tuesday: Strength through community
He created a hand salute
It resembled the Nazi salute (no one noticed) and called it the “Third Wave”

Wednesday: Strength through action
Membership cards were made for students who wanted to continue the experiment
Membership grew to 200 people by the end of the day

Thursday: Strength through pride
Told his students they were part of a national movement
"Pride is knowing you are best"
Friday: Strength through understanding
• He sent all his students to the auditorium for the reveal of their leader, he turned on the television and there was only snow

"There is no leader! There is no such thing as a national youth movement called the Third Wave. You have been used. Manipulated. Shoved by your own desires into the place you now find yourself. You are no better or worse than the German Nazis we have been studying."
Showed the Nazi to his students
All of them were shocked they displayed behavior as the Nazis did
Some laughed and thought it was funny because they were fooled, others cried terrified of what they had become
Years later, when the story reached the media, Mr. Jones was fired

No informed consent
No parents approval
Students were crying after:emotional damage
Ron Jones
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