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Joey Sabatino

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of DBQ's

Lincoln takes on Davis
Identifying: What are Abraham Lincoln's and Jefferson Davis's basic arguments against or in favor of seccesion?
Making Inferences: What issues seems most important to Lincoln? To Davis?
Analyzing: Did either president refer to the economies of the different regions? If so, how were they described?
Powerful Emotions
Evaluating: In your opinon, which of the two addresses makes the more powerful appeal to emotions? Explain your answer in a short essay.
Abraham Lincoln felt that he must make sure the government stays the way it is. He doesn't believes that people gave him the power to allow secession
Jefferson Davis felt he must keep the South's agriculture the way it is which requires slavery. So that means he wants secession to happen.
Lincoln was mainly focused on keeping the Union the same.
Davis want to focus on perserving the agricultural economy of the South.
Yes Davis wants to make the South and economic argument for secession. He describes the relationship between the agriculture South and the industrial North.
In my opinion, Abraham Lincoln's addresses were more powerful and appealing because he didn't want slavery. He was trying to end it and that was his whole case. I really liked that because I hate slavery and think it was the worst thing about the time period back then. Slavery was just cruel not right. He just wants to keep the Union and governement the way it is.
Appleby, Joyce, Alan Brinkley, and James M. McPherson. The American Journey. New York, New York: Glencoe,

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