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Sex and Gender 2650F

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Nathatai Wacharinchalalai

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Sex and Gender 2650F

Sex and Gender
Discussion Questions
Why would Lin Chih-Yan still suggests the Prince to bind the foot?
When was the practice of foot binding at its peak?
Who actually support the foot binding?Why would girls still get foot binding even though they knew it’s a crucial process? Why would women against the anti-foot binding movement in 19th Century?
Do you think this story try to promote equality between men and women?
Traditional society status between male and female: Yin-Yang doctrine
Modern society vs Traditional society
Definition of gender
the experience of Lin Chih Yang
the social role define your gender
Foot Binding
Origin of Idea:
Five Dynasty Period
Development of the foot binding:
High class down to low class
the process of foot binding
control mechanism
Abolishment of the foot binding:
After the People’s Republic of China is established.
The last case was in 1950s
Social Convention
thank you !!!
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Biological Convention
What is your gender?
Definition - Sex is the sum of the structural, functional characteristics of organism that are involved in reproduction marked by the union of gametes and that distinguish males and females
Discussion Questions
In your opinion, do you think the sex and gender is the same thing?
In women's kingdom, which one factor is more important: biological convention or social convention?
How does the identity of women have changed from traditional to contemporary literature?
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