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Kayla Gemmell

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Voodoo

Voodoo Religion Is there some sort of "God" or power? People who are belivers of the Voodoo religion believe there was a creator of all Spirits have the majority control, who helps them make daily choices. I trust Bob Corbett because of his college class on the history of Haiti ( where Voodoo is mainly practiced) in 1995.
http://www.hartford-hwp.com/archives/43a/index-aa.html What is the history about the Voodoo dolls? Geographical history on Voodoo Originated in Western Africa Mainly practiced in Haiti Questions I had about Voodoo Voodoo spirit of war and technology Not praticed in Haiti Used in New Orleans in the 1900's Voodoo dolls represent another person You stick pins in them to cast good or bad luck spells This isn't just one persons point of view it's several people who have traveld around and learn about it hands one. http://www.allabouttheoccult.org/common/aboutus.htm
But the the creator is to far away for a relationship Why I did choose the Voodoo religion. The movies and TV shows I have seen about the dolls. I wanted to see the difference between Wicca and Voodoo Voodoo History Is there a church or gathering place like many other religions? Voodoo rituals are very detailed, in secret languages, spirit possessed dancing. Dead ancestors are known for walking with the living Priests are known for reading fortunes and dreams, healings etc. Voodoo POV compared to others Christians Christians do not have spells and rituals Christians worship a single God And God says to stay away from "whitch craft" or fortune telling. Wicca Both religions have rituals and witch craft practices Wicca casts "spells" on people. But Voodoo does also. There isn't a set place there is rituals though. Random Facts A ritual takes place a year and a day after someone dies. Little bad and good angels Trade animal heads for spiritual spells
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