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McDonald's presentation

No description

Alexis Dremonas

on 2 May 2010

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Transcript of McDonald's presentation

McDonald's So What is
the Problem?
opportunities? Missing One Big Demographic... Focus on a new target! Tactics! social media radio spot Facebook promotions McDonald's Woman’s Healthy Club Card billboard advertisements 5K walk/run a Global Powerhouse Restaurants in 119 countries and
provinces around the world
31,000 restaurants worldwide
Serves over 47 million men,
women and children each day
Advertising targets major demographics such as:
Children Young adults Men Women aged 30-40
who are focused on
maintaining a healthy
Objectives: Restructure the healthy lifestyle campaign
to focus on middle aged women as well as children
Bring awareness to women aged 30-40
about healthier menu options
Introduce new healthy menu options to give
more choices to those seeking a healthier lifestyle
Utilizing billboard advertisements targets women who are constantly on the go, just like those in the new demographic we are trying to reach. New Plan... Women - especially businesswomen and professionals and moms with at least one child spend close to 1/3 of their daily media time with radio. Radio reaches 91% of adults 18 or over at some point everyday. THEREFORE - a radio commercial reaches our target audience perfectly.
Evaluation: The survey should ask things such as: What did you order?
Did your meal feel like a healthy choice?
Have you heard about the
Healthy Women Eating Healthy Foods Campaign? What other healthy choices would you like
to see come from McDonald's? When a woman in the target demographic purchases a healthy meal option, the cashier, along with her receipt, should hand the women a survey. The cashier should then inform the woman that she could receive a coupon, which would be: buy one healthy item get one free coupon, if she completes the survey.
After all of the tactics are implemented this is what should be done:
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