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Why to Adopt from a Animal Shelter

No description

Alyssa MacDonald

on 19 November 2014

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Transcript of Why to Adopt from a Animal Shelter

Puppy Mills
Spend life in a cage
No love or a "real home"
Don't support them!
Safe home
Why adopt a pet that already has a home?
Pet Stores
Dogs and Cats for sale
No background information
Puppies might come from mills
Don't support them!
Medical Care and Medical Information when adopting
Medical care in a shelter
Immediate Care
Know past and current condition in shelter
Pet store pet is unknown
Health Myth
How did they get into the shelter?
2.7 million
Save a animal from being euthanized
Shelters: $50-$200
Breeders and Pet Shops: $500-$1,000
Why to Adopt from a Animal Shelter
Make's you feel good
Just saved a life
Gave a home
Second Chance
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