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michael jackson

presentation on michael jackson and his music

konner chiles

on 19 May 2011

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Transcript of michael jackson

michael jackson Born Michael Joseph Jackson was born August 29th 1958 to parents Joseph and Katherine Jackson he was one of 9 chiledren, 6 boys and 3 girls grew up without much money and had a rough life was with his brothers' band the jackson 5 till about 1971 born in Gary, Indiana Family Life had 2 differnt wifes his first was lisa Marie presley (elvis presleys daughter) his second was Debbie Rowe he had 3 kids son - Michael Joseph Jr known as Prince daughter - Paris- Michael Katherine son - Prince Michael II (aka Blanket) Music career started off in a band with his brothers
called the jackson 5 which inculded michael
and 4 of his brothers Solo! michael didnt get much attention with his
first few solo albums Got to be there (1971) Ben (1972) Forever michael (1975) Ben was his first song ever to hit top spot in the billboard hot 100 Off the wall (1979) His next album "off the wall"
put him on the road to sucsess
as a solo artist Thriller (1982) Bad (1987) dangerous (1991) remember the time (1992) History- past, present and future (1995) Blood on the dance floor/history in the mix (1997) Invincible (2001) Michael jackson greatest hits history, volume 1 (2001) Music and me (2002) Number ones (2003) One more chance (2003) Michael Jackson: the ultimate collection (2004) Essential micheal jackson (2005) Michael Jackson 25th aniversary of thriller (2008) This is it (2009) Michael 2010 Fun Facts! Michael Jackson had some famous pets, these include Ben (rat) Bubbles (monkey) Thriller and sabu (tigers) Nicknamed "the gloved one" because of his white sequined gloves wasnt the first to come up with the moon walk but made it his signature move Death Michael Joseph Jackson died june 25th, 2009 in los angeles California due to a drug that he took that was used for sleeping that threw him into cardiac arrest Stats Michael had a total of 47 albums and 49 songs that spent 4264 weeks on the top charts Michael Jackson created over 750 songs 310 of which were singles Michael Jackson won 17 grammys The End
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