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ian Eckstrom

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Mexico


fun facts
places to visit
When you visit Mexico there is one place you must visit. that is the Marietta islands as seen on the home page. the Island have oceans that have a gigantic overhang over them making the water cool and totally awesome to look at the Marietta islands are also in chains meaning they are all easy to access meaning you can go to more than one a day. you should also visit any nature reserve to be one of lucky ones to see the animal native to Mexico known as the kuwata mundi this animal is seen in the picture on the right of the screen. ther eis one final place you should visit it is known as chitzen itza and it is an old Mayan village temple that is one of the 7 wonders of the world

Why you should go

there are many reasons why you should visit Mexico. first off you have to try their cuisine. all mexicans don't eat tacos like we think. Mexico carries a large variety of fish and wine and they also have a sauce called mole which is tamales and chocolate mixed. the second reason you should visit Mexico is just for the environment. Mexico has many beautiful white sand beaches and if you don't like that they have live shows and shopping and it may not seem this way but the people are actually quiet nice there. Mexico also has a great history whether it be the Mayan Indians or their explores. Mexico just has a wide of ruins too like Tulume an uncovered ancient city and Chit zentiza an ancient Mayan palace. And finally the cost to go to Mexico is very cheap and is worth your money. in every

Mexicos offcial name is the Mexico united states.
Mexico is the 11th most populated coutry in the world
Mexico has the 14th most land out of any country
Mexico has 31 states including it capital.
Mexico is a spanish speaking country.




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