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UNO MKT4300_Chapter 1

Kotler and Keller, Chapter 1

Mike Breazeale

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of UNO MKT4300_Chapter 1

with Dr. Breazeale MKT 4300
Management or Dr. B, if that's too much of a mouthful 1 1
Defining Marketing
for the 21st Century Marketing is an organizational function
and a set of processes for creating,
communicating, and delivering value
to customers and for managing
customer relationships in ways that
benefit the organization and its
stakeholders. What is Marketing? Marketing is meeting needs profitably. Marketing management is the
art and science
of choosing target markets
and getting, keeping, and growing
customers through
creating, delivering, and communicating
superior customer value. What is Marketed? Figure 1.1
A Simple Marketing System Consumer Markets (B2C) Business Markets (B2B) Global Markets Nonprofit/Government Markets Some Core Concepts Need vs. Want vs. Demand Stated Needs Real Needs Unstated Needs Target Markets, Positioning, and Strategy Offering vs. Brand Value and Satisfaction Quality Service Price Marketing Channels Supply Chain Competition Marketing Environment Task Environment vs. Broad Environment Demographic Economic Sociocultural Natural Technological Political/Legal Dissatisfaction Satisfaction Delight Communication Distribution Service The NEW Marketing Realities Major Societal Forces New
Consumer Capabilities New Company Capabilities Company Orientation toward the Marketplace Production Product Selling Marketing Holistic Do we need to update the 4 P's? People Processes Programs Performance So, what will I be doing
with this degree? Developing marketing strategies and plans Capturing marketing insights Connecting with customers Building Strong Brands Shaping market offerings Delivering value Communicating value Creating long-term growth Network IT Globalization Deregulation Privatization Heightened Competition Industry Convergence Retail Transformation Consumer Buying Power Consumer Participation Consumer Resistance "The aim of Marketing is to make selling superfluous." Peter Drucker
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