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Eleanor Ralston

No description

Susan Baker

on 8 May 2018

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Transcript of Eleanor Ralston

Eleanor Ralston
The Nuer Tribe
The Nuer tribe is located in southern Sudan near the Nile river and are enemies with the Dinka tribe. When the men and women come of age they will get scars on there face and that is how you can tell if they are nuer or Dinka.
The nuer tribe usually eats a lot of grains vegetables and dried milk. They do not have meat that often unless it is a special occasion. although the nuer tribe has a lot of cattle, they do not eat a lot of the meat They drika its milk.
Sudanese Flag

Culture and Scarification
The nuer tribe most used language is Nilotic. The Nuer tribe has a tradition that when men and women are a certain age they get scar patterns. They men usually have six horizontal lines across their face and the women have a dotted pattern.
The nuer homes are made and build out of mud and and thatched roofs, and are very different from our homes.
A school in Sudan
A Village in sudan with their houses
The Nuer tribe does not wear a lot of clothes. Women wear a skirt made out of skin or cloth and beaded necklaces.
The beads in a outfit
the woman scaring
Nuer Tribe
The traditional religion that the Nuer people practice is animistic. The supreme in this religion is kwoth. The nuer people pray for health, and well being. They sometimes offer scarification for him to answer. Also the cattle is a big part of their religion.
Work sited
Jenkins, Orville Boyd. Profile of the Nuer People of South Sudan
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South Sudan, www.crwflags.com/fotw/flags/ss.html#flag.
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