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In what ways does your media product use & develop forms and conventions of a real media product?

Question 1 in AS Media Studies Evaluation

Lauren Whittingham

on 3 March 2011

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Transcript of In what ways does your media product use & develop forms and conventions of a real media product?

'In what ways does your media product use and develop forms and conventions of real media products?' My front cover follows conventions firstly by having a unique, one worded title which fills the top of the page – moreover, the font is also unique. Moreover, there is a positioning statement under the left corner of the title, which reads ‘Music is life’ which suggests that the magazine sees music as an important part of people’s lives, and which also suggests that the magazine takes music seriously, therefore the audience can ‘trust’ its contents. The magazines issue date and number is under the right hand side of the title, which follows conventions, and its price is by the barcode, which also follows conventions. The front cover image coveys much attitude and relates well to the main cover line ‘Successful Failure – Trouble, parties and success’ as the genre of music is ‘gothic metal’ and the model in my picture is dressed using typically gothic clothing such as the corset she is wearing and her parasol prop. The angle also creates a slightly imposing effect, which could connote the music genre as it is a very powerful type of music. It could also suggest that the woman is strong and not someone to mess with – which can also suggest metal music as normally the band members are seen as this kind of person. The coverlines in effect sell the magazine, my coverlines are all about popular rock/metal bands such as Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold and Disturbed, this will attract my target audience of rock/metal fans as they will want to know about these bands. Morover, my coverlines are made to intrigue the reader into finding out what the coverlines mean. The main feature article has the largest text on the cover after the title, and anchors the meaning of the image displayed. The subline gives more information about the article The strip at the bottom of the page features other popular metal artists, which suggests that the magazine is full of good features, which therefore is another way to sell the magazine There is a simple colour scheme of red, white and black in this article, though there is also a slight hint of blue on the background. There is one image which takes up the
entire double page spread, which is used to bleed between pages in order to link them. The picture also relates highly to the article which is about the band Disturbed and also their fans views on them. The standfirst is placed below the headline and introduces the article,
but without 'giving away' much of it. In this case, the standfist makes the
audience want to read the article, in order to find out more about this
very popular band. A drop capital is used at the start of the
first paragraph in order to indicate to the
reader where to start reading. At the end of the article, there is the by-line, which contains the name of the writer and a photographers credit. My contents page is laid out in 3 colums, which follows conventions of professional contents pages The first picture on my contents page is the main picture, which relates to the feature article on the front cover - 'Successful Failure - trouble, parties and success. It is a clear link, the model, setting and costume being the same as on the front cover. The other pictures on the page are uniformed size and all contain page numbers in their bottom right corners, referring to the article they relate to. The word 'contents is at the top of the page, covering two columns and with the issue date and number above it. The subscription and contact information is on the top right hand corner of the page, next to the small picture of the front cover. The categories of the articles are separated clearly into feature content and regular content, by use of separate columns and clear headings. My contents is written in a conventional way
which is page number followed by Coverline then
subline to add a 'taster' of what the article is about.
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