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Chloe Barnes

on 2 December 2016

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COPAC Collection Manager@SUSSEX
Chloe Barnes, Collection Development Librarian

Collection Management @ Sussex
We are a small team working on projects that ensure the collections fit the teaching and research needs of the University.
We do not have subject Librarians to do this work.

Stock removal and reorganisation of Library space features heavily!

We have a rolling programme of stock review based on zero use in 10 years

Withdrawing print journals where we have stable online access

Reviewing our Borrowable Journals

Yearly review of teaching collections (Core Collection)

Formation of new and distinct collections, eg

Legacy (Significance to Sussex)

NTBB Review
In October 2015 we made all of our Not to be Borrowed items borrowable.

In October 2016 we will be conducting a full review of these items based on usage and in house loans, combined with data from the CCM tool.

Was able to bulk upload using ISBN's to receive data on 21.5k items, out of a total of 25K items.

As we are a contributing library we can quickly sort results to see where we hold the only copy. (3K unique titles eek!)

Current use of COPAC CM Tool
English Stock Review: French Language texts (1500 items)

Historical reason for not involving academics
CM tool helps us to make decisions
Suggests ease of ILR's

Future Plans
Developing the role of our Library Representatives
Collection Profiling: starting point for engagement with academic departments re their collections.

Smaller scale reviews without academic involvement

Determining rarity of items in our Legacy Collection
What we like

Very simple to use and pick up

Batch searching works very well and yields easy to manage spreadsheets.

Visualisation tools


For many of our projects we have no ISBN's available, as the materials are much older or in non-book formats.

Individual searching is time consuming and you cannot benefit from the advanced tools.

Standard of cataloguing is so variable and time consuming to pick through results. Cannot always see which edition is held if not catalogued.

Date searching would be useful.

Visualisation tools do not always work for us - the map always works but not the chart
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