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RVSJAB Symposium Australia

No description

Hwang Wing Cheong

on 29 December 2013

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Transcript of RVSJAB Symposium Australia

RVSJAB Symposium 2013:
In The Horizon
St. John Ambulance,
Benefits Provided
Governed by a
National Board of Directors
, which consists of a Chair, 5 Directors with specific responsibilities and the chair of each state and territory St John Council.
St John in each state and territory has its own council and is a separate legal entity.

National Board determines national policy and directions for the organization as a whole

Historical Society is open to all members and friends of St John
Founded in 2001
includes > 1) an annual general meeting
> 2)history seminar at which various members present papers based on their historical research.
> 3)For those interested in the Order’s long history

- Inspired by Knights of the Order from medieval times

- Movement spread to Australia in 1883

- Promoting the cause of first aid for the sick and wounded through volunteer effort

- Charity in the Australian community working For the Service of Humanity
10,000 first aid volunteers
, in their familiar black and white uniforms

3,600 Cadets (11-18 years) and over 500 Juniors (8-10 years) in its youth development program;

2,300 non-uniformed community care volunteers
, providing friendship, reassurance, survival skills and literacy support programs to those in need

- Numerous other volunteers who support crucial fundraising and awareness programs;

3,500 paid and volunteer ambulance offcers
in Western Australia and the Northern Territory

700 accredited, highly qualified
and trained first aid instructors

paid staff members

- Delivers
430,000 first aid certificates
, making it Australia’s largest first aid training provider

- Provides
1.2 million hours
of voluntary service

- Treats
60,000 patients

12,631 volunteers
provide the majority of these
1,341,510 hours
of community services.
First Aid Training
Leading provider
of first aid training with nearly
participants annually.

Nationally Recognised Training
( CPR, Remote area First aid, Sports First aid)

Flexible Learning
- Learn the theory at convenience with a CD-RO- Spread your learning over a couple of weeks at your own pace

- Attend a one day workshop covering the practical aspects of the course and assessment. (Time- efficient)

First Aid Provisions
Fact Sheets
which are a guide to basic first aid procedures which align with the current edition of Australian First Aid (4th edition, 10/2012). (Updated twice a year with latest revisions)

Wide range of first aid kits
sold for home and leisure use or specific purposes

Unique Programs
Child Protection Awareness training :

> recognises that
children have the right to be treated with dignity and respect, free from emotional and physical danger, abuse and neglect

> places the
highest priority on its responsibility
to ensure that the children for whom it has a duty of care are
against people and events which may
cause them harm


- Provision of charitable and humanitarian services to individuals, groups and organisations.

- Relief work for persons in sickness, distress, suffering or danger recognises no barrier of race, colour or creed.
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