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Ka.O.Be (English Version)

General Overview and Spring Summer Collection Media/Marketing and Publicity Planing.

Alvaro Vega

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of Ka.O.Be (English Version)

1. Pre-Production: To reach at least 40.000 people of the target market with the launching of the promotional video clip within the first month of exposure on social media.

2. Production: To showcase the new collection in a premium location for both national and international media, as well as key customers.

3. Post-Production: To reach at least 30.000 people of the target market with the lauching of pictures and video from the events highlights. OBJECTIVES Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo) 2012 2013 Media Plan
Lanzamiento de la Colección
Verano & Chica Ka.O.Be 2013 Prior to the Event media coverage Ka.O.Be Media and Events Events A Ka.O.Be woman is _________. Natural Intellinget Active Goal Oriented Driven Magazines National Fairs T.V International Fairs Independent design fair.
Palermo Soho, Argentina
Segunda Bienal Iberoamericana de diseño para todos.
Madrid, Spain The turn around strategy Establishment of Nike Women New market segment for Nike T.V Casual Fashion Mass Market
Potential Target
Mirror Effect New market segment for Nike (2) Confirmed guest Fashion
Open the market
Reinvent itself
... 1) Reverse positioning
2) Breakaway positioning The means to convert, change or transform a loss-making company into a profit-making company, an attempt to reverse declining sales. Nike has been seen for a long time as being non ethically correct regarding it's labor force, as one of their strategy was to outsource their production as a way to cut costs Problem? - "Changing the Game" study

- Increasing their brand portfolio

- Finding athletes with a good image and values Solution Authentic Perfil (CR)
Estrategia & Negocio (C.América)
Su casa (CR) C.R Fashion Week
Corporational Fairs such as National Trade Center, Procter & Gamble, Banco Nacional, among others. Hábitat Soluciones, Canal 7
Giros, Repretel
Buen Día, Canal 7
Intrusos de la Farándula, Canal 11
Nateevo, canal en línea
3D.TV.com, online chanel Runway Shows
Ka.O.Be Tours
Contests Development Season kickoff
Market strategy
Review Specific 'test' retailers
Exclusive Nike stores
Geographical --> USA
Makes no money at this stage
High prices at this stage Introduction 18 Months Growth Expend to global Nike retailers
Expend to third party retailers
Heavy marketing
Competition starts
Example 1/2 Months 1 season quarter Maturity Decline Products available world wide
Competition increases
Sales peaks
Advertising --> word to mouth
End of season Products are on sale
New model/product introduction
Advertising stops
Sales slow down Innovators Early adopters Early Majority Late Majority 1 season quarter 2 season quarters mid 90s Marketing strategy 97 Design strategy 01 Innovative strategy, Nike Goddess 2004 CHANGING THE GAME Ka.O.Be Costa Rican Design
Made by a woman for woman
Brakes social paradigms What makes us unique? Quotes from our clients:

"I feel attractive and respected"

"There's a sence of freedom, like I'm not wearing underwear" What does ergonomic mean? Events Media Coverage Programa Giros
Noticias Repretel
Intrusos de la Farándula Canal 6 Canal 7 Programas Buen Día
7 Estrellas
Telenoticias Canal 29 VM Latino Canal 9 Programa Entre Nos
Noticias Hoy Magazines SOHO
Millenium PYME
In Nova
TV y Novelas
Secretos de Belleza
Cosmetologia Actual
Entre otras National Press Revista: Estrategia & Negocios
Ejecutiva Centroamèrica
Revista Vouge
E! Chanel
Fashion T.V
CNN en español
MTV en español International Press La Nación
La República
El Financiero
The Tico Times (Web)
La Teja
Tia Zelmira
El Topo An independent woman from 25-45 years of age that has middle to upper class acquisition power and a taste for quality vs price. Ka.O.Be Covergirl Contest Jen Mejias Solange Gatgens Valezka Silva Ka.O.Be President & Designer Karla Ortiz at the national TV show Giros Over 14.000 followers on Facebook
Over 17.000 people reach on the last publication
Access to over 200.000 people on media, photographers, sponsors and industry leaders T.V
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