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Nushrath Jahan

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Apps

Foundation Drive Phase 1 Phase 2 Results Core TARGET AUDIENCE:
People of all ages can use our app, because anyone can get bullied no matter what their age is. Our app is called "bullying book." Its purpose is to help victims of bullying recover by sharing their stories and helping each other get over their traumatic experiences via the internet. Our app falls under the category of bullying, because it is designed to help victims of bullying recover by sharing their stories and helping each other get over their traumatic experiences via the internet. BULLYING BOOK! SITUATION: Victims of bullying are struggling to get over bullying.
COMPLICATION: The problem is that over 56% have seen bullying take place and 15% don't come to school, because of fear. People are seeing bullying take place, however they aren't doing anything to stop it.
QUESTION: What type of app can we create to solve this problem?
ANSWER: we have created an app where victims can go online and share their stories with other victims of bullying. Our app is sponsored by Apps For Good. We will market our app via social networking sites like Facebook and twitter. The purpose of our app is to help and support victims get over bullying and we hope our app helps many victims achieve this and get a second chance to live their lives. One free of bullying! MODEL This is how our app will look. The road to recovery! who: victims of bullying
what: an app that lets them support and help each other recover.
why: this app was created; because a lot of the time it is incredibly difficult for victims to get over bullying.
Where: anywhere in the world. MARKETING: OUR MARKETING PLAN IS TO MAKE THE APP FREE TO USE, WITH THE ADDITIONAL PRICE OF 1 POUND A DOWNLOAD. WE INTEND TO BE KNOWN AMONGST VICTIMS OF BULLYING BY PROMOTING OUR APP THROUGH POSTERS, LEAFLETS, TV ADVERT, ETC. CHAT This is how you talk to other victims of bullying This is our business model: BULLYING BOOK This is how our app will work. SIGN UP This is how you sign up to our app: GUEST the guest page is for people who want to try out our app, but don't want to sign up. SETTINGS Settings allow you to change the layout of the app to your taste. SIGN IN This page is for existing members HELP This is the help page CONTACT US This is how you can contact us FORGOT YOUR DETAILS This is what you can do if you forget your log in details. SIGN OUT To sign out you click the sign out button.
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