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M Surana

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Africa

In the Saharan region of Africa has many cave paintings from prehistoric times.
In the drier climates of North Africa, rock paintings on cave walls have been preserved from ancient times. Different cave paintings have been found in Africa and Europe Origins of humanity By Mradul Surana,
Miguel Villanueva,
and Aaron Simmons Migration Cave paintings These caves are found
in Africa and Europe Discovering these cave paintings Humans evolved and adapted
over time as migration took place. Humans migrated to an array of different areas in the world. Humanity originated in East Africa. Many different fossils
are found in Africa Fossils are found in
certain ways Places Fossils are found Fossils Fossils are found by archeologists and paleontologists
Used certain tools to find fossils
Geological hammer
Brush Lascaux cave is a cave found in Lascaux, France
Giraffe rock is a site with some caves that is in Africa Bibliography Miguel's Citations:

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*AFDB. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Jan. 2013. <http://www.afdb.org/uploads/pics/map_africa_eastern_02.gif>. Human Fossils
Homo erectus
Homo rudolfensis
homo habilis
Australopithecus Humans migrated to an array of different areas around the world. Humans migrated for reasons to benefit themselves. *Over 16000 fossils from 350 hominids have been found in just Kenya, which is in East Africa.

*In general, many bones and skulls from hominids are found in East Africa, which gives us evidence that most likely the human race originated in East Africa. *Weather in the different areas of the world prompted humans to make appropriate clothing for the region, and build appropriate shelters with more/less insulation for the area of choice.

*Learned the different types of plants, animals, and landforms in the region.

*Eventually, the people who had inhabited the area of their own developed a language for it.

*Made wolves in the wild as pet dogs to keep them company and perform various tasks. *Here's the continents where humans migrated, in chronological order:
Africa (100000 years ago), Asia and Northern Asian Islands(20000-50000), Europe (35000-40000), Australia and SE Asian Islands(31000-40000), North America (4500-12000), and South America (11000).

*During the Ice Age, humans were able to get into the Americas because land between current-day Russia and Alaska had the Bering Land Bridge. *They wanted to take advantage of more-favorable land resources found elsewhere. For example, have plentiful food and animals and to gain access to reliable fresh water.

*They also migrated to avoid warfare with neighboring enemy tribes or disputes within each other.

*Further development in human thinking and discovering also contributed to reasons why humans migrated around the world. Cave explorers have seen the paintings on the walls or on the sealing of the caves. The explorers would take pictures of the paintings and share it with scientists to determine what the picture is trying to say. Found in sedimentary rock
Homo Rudolfensis found in Kenya
Most early human fossils are in Africa
Animal fossils found all over the earth including oceans
Animal Fossils
parapapio monkey
hunting hyena
saber tooth cat Mradul's Citations:

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