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Heart, Lungs and Fitness

No description

James Wragg

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of Heart, Lungs and Fitness

How do the Heart and Lungs respond to Exercise? What do you know already?
Can you join the triangles together to form an even bigger triangle? Activity 1 - Jigsaw! what colour is the sky Blue Green Grass is ......... Breathing and Respiration Activity 2 - Watch
and make notes..... and how they are linked to exercise Learning Aims:
Everybody can use good scientific terminology when describing how the heart and lungs work.
Most of you will be able to describe and explain how the circulatory system responds to exercise
Some of you will be able to explain factors that limit physical ability Watch each video and Jot down anything you think will help you answer the following Question:
What happens to our Heart and lungs during exercise? Activity 3 - writing task..... In a pair (or on your own) describe what happens to your circulatory system (heart and lungs) when you begin to exercise
Time Limit 10 minutes! Time to share - can you give constructive criticism?
What was good (think about our aims)
How could it be improved?
What did you like?
Use the Post-it notes to visit 2 other pieces of writing and give some feedback Breathing and Respiration How much do you think you know? You now have a chance to improve your description using any feedback left and what you have read What limits how fast and far you can run? - Think about what we have done today Brainstorm and rank on the board Next Lesson: The Pluck.....
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