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Culture fair

No description

sam frederick

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Culture fair

MY NAME IS BOB AND I AM JAMAICAN! Jamaica is an island with a culture and a president and many men who do not have babies with multiple women I don’t speak in Patois all of the time, our official language is the same as Canada and the USA. That's English by the way I don’t only eat patties or listen to reggae music though I’m sure that they are delicious and enjoyable. I don’t have dreadlocks although
they are easier to maintain Jamaica is not just a nice stretch of
white beach to spend spring break on I don’t walk barefoot and carry drums around
– even though they’re the only instrument I can play I don’t sit on the beach, play dominoes
and drink rum all day not that there’s anything wrong with that. A “Tam” is a hat, just like a “Toque” is a hat I don’t smoke marijuana! I’m not a man just like “Winston” waiting for a “Stella”
to come to Jamaica and get her groove back, although
I’m sure both Winston and Stella are wonderful people. And I realize that I’m not the most
famous Jamaican named “Bob” in the world. BUT... Culture Fair - JAMAICA although it does grow quite well in this country JAMAICA!!!
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