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Napoleon Bonaparte I

No description

Caitlin McMaster

on 15 January 2015

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Transcript of Napoleon Bonaparte I

Napoleon Bonaparte I
Napoleon's Early Life
Born August 15, 1769 in Corsica (Italy) as Napoleone di Buonaparte
Changed his name to Napoleon Bonaparte to look more French
At 10, he was enrolled at a religious school in Mainland France (Autun) to learn French
In May 1779, he entered a military academy
Was teased about his accent, which was very obviously Corsican
In 1784, he was admitted to an elite military school in Paris
The same year, his father died and Napoleon was forced to complete the 2-year program in a year
Married Joséphine de Beauharnais on March 9, 1796
Major Events
Rise To Power
Napoleon was promoted to captain in the military in 1792
Had Italian and Egyptian campaigns
He abandoned his army in Egypt and returned home
Returned to France in October 1799 to a hero's welcome
Seized more power than he should have by rewriting part of the constitution to be first consul
In November 1799 he became "first consul" (ruler) for 10 years
Became First Consul for life on May 10, 1802
Was crowned by Pope Pius VII on December 2, 1804
Immediately began building his dictatorship
Why He Was Considered a Dictator
He declared himself ruler of France
Began building a dictatorship early on
Conducted several military campaigns
Rewrote the constitution to give himself more power
He was supported by...
his army in France
the majority of France
his army in Italy
Interesting Facts
Contrary to popular belief, Napoleon was actually average height: 5 foot 7.
The change in the constitution that gave Napoleon absolute power's outcome was 3,000,000 in favor, 1,567 against.
Napoleon's first wife's original name was Rose, but Napoleon called her Josephine because he didn't like it.
Ludwig van Beethoven was an admirer of Napoleon's until he was crowned ruler
France and Britain signed the Treaty of Amiens in March of 1802
Napoleon sold Louisiana to North America in 1803 (The Louisiana Purchase)
Britain broke the treaty and declared war on France in May of 1803
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Images from Google
What He Did As Dictator
He fought several wars very soon after he was crowned
Formed an alliance with the Persian empire
Put his brother on the throne of Spain
Tried to invade Russia and retreated for the Russian Winter, but gathered many more troops
He delayed too long and was forced to return to France with an army of 70,000 and a small cavalry
Removal From Power
On April 1st, 1814, a man named Alexander told the Sénat that the allies weren't after France, they were after Napoleon, and would offer peace if he was removed from power
The next day Napoleon was deposed
Two days later his army confronted him and he stepped down that day
he was exiled to Elba and was declared emperor
Great Britain, Russia, Austria, and Prussia sent men to end his rule
Back in Power, Then Exiled Again
Returned to Paris on March 20, 1815 and governed for a period of time (the Hundred Days)
In July, he was imprisoned and exiled again, this time to Saint Helena
There were many plots to get Napoleon off of the island, including one from Texas
died around May 5, 1821
Most believe he died of stomach cancer, but there is a conspiracy surrounding his death
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