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What is psorasis?

No description

on 1 April 2016

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Transcript of What is psorasis?

How do we treat Psoriasis?
Salicylic acid
Some doctors recommend salicylic acid ointment( which smooths the skin by promoting the shedding of psoriatic scales).
Steroid-based creams.
Calcipotriol - containing topical ointment
Coal-tar ointments and shampoos
Prescription retinoids

Glossary word 1
ultraviolet phototherapy - Is the light laser therapy for treatment of psoriasis.
Skin biopsy - Doctor going to take our skins to put in microscope to see what bacteria is in the disease.
Laser treatment - This one type of treatment for psoriasis. The laser ( it is stronger than sunlight) send the wave of light to our skin.

What is psoriasis?
Psoriasis is one type of skin disease that cause pain to our body. The skin (organ) is involved in psoriasis. Normally it takes a 3 month for the skin cells to reach the surface of our body and where they die and fall off. New skin cells replace old ones. This is call silver dandruff.

Risk factor of psoriasis
The risk of having psoriasis is stress
, heredity (family history)
viral and bacterial infection,
obesity and smoking
Those thing are the symptoms of being Psoriasis.

Laser treatment
Photo therapy
Is also known as laser treatment, but this is not only damaging the DNA, is also damage the cell too, it is really similar to laser treatment but it is actually stronger than the laser treatment.
One thing
You will not get infected by other people. Psoriasis is not infectious diseases. You only can get infected by your family that has the same blood as you. Is not always that we get psoriasis, but we get psoriasis in 2% of risk.
This is one of most common and effective treatment in psoriasis. The treatment work using light and why this is effective. Our body are producing vitamin everyday but if our body produce too much vitamin, there is a lot of the dead cell because too much vitamin damaging the cells. What laser treatment do is damage the DNA in our body and stops the dead cells.
Glossary word 2
Psoriasis - Is one type of skin disease. These skin disease are not very active for a long time but it is active in short period of time. The dead cells which are silver dandruff takes long time( about 3 months) to come out to surface of skin. If you are not in psoriasis, you can wipe them away but if you are in psoriasis, the silver dandruff states and if you try to wipe them out, is going to bleed. The skins are going to dry and it make you itch.
Cardiovascular disease.- The peple who has psoriasis can have risk to get heart attack almost three time greater than the other diseas.
Cells - building blocks of life, every living thing must have cells. Cell is smallest unit of life.
Phototherapy - using light to treat the illness it is like laser treatment.

DNA - deoxyribonucleic acid is the full name and DNA is short way to say it. All the living material must have DNA, this is one type of cell but this cell is really important, if we don’t have DNA, we can never grow or learn or live.

Glossary word 3
The draft of psoriasis
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