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No description

Ashley Byars

on 20 September 2012

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BY:JULIA AND ANDREW EXTREME COUPONING Sunday's meals total ....$19.00 with coupons it is $18.45 breakfast: Bran flakes .....$4.66 lunch: soup yakisoba...$5.68 with coupons $4.68 dinner Progresso soup .99%fat free for $7.52 snacks crackers for ......$2.89 Monday's Meals breakfast
bran flakes....0.00
because we already bought it for Sunday and you will only need one box of bran flakes to last the week. lunch

lasagna......$7.95 with coupons $5.68 dinner
meatball subs

meatballs, bread
cut up veggies that come inside the meat ball snack
potato chips
$1.99 with coupons $1.50 total without coupons $21.12
with coupons $18.36 Tuesday's meals breakfast

Quakers oatmeal......$4.68 with coupons $2.88 lunch

pasta red sauce
garlic knots.......$13.33
we could not find coupons for the lunch that day dinner


lettuce, tomatoes, shredded cheese ,black beans and tacos shells with a total of $21.11 with coupons $10.55 snack pop secret popcorn
for $1.89 no coupon for that. total $41.01
with coupons it was $30.45 we saved more then $10 Wednesday's meals Breakfast magic stars.......$1.97 do not have a coupon Lunch
a Dole party fruit bowl $7.50 with coupon $6.25 dinner
chiken wings from TGI fridays with sauce inclued snack Nathan's french fries for $1.75 with coupon $1.00 so the total without coupons is $19.19
with coupons it is $11.94 Thursday's meals breakfast
Bran flakes ....$0.00 because we already have it Dinner

hot dogs with buns, ketchup and mustard which will add up to be......$5.71 lunch
apples with peanut butter .....$3.29 with coupons $2.79 Friday's meals breakfast

french toast ....$4.06 with coupons $3.48 lunch

left over hot dog and french fries
We did not spend any thing, so we do not pay. dinner we have cheese pizza which is $6.99. We do not have a coupon. snack french fries. We have it left over. Saturday's meals breakfast

eggs for $1.27 lunch
chicken nuggets for $4.37 with a coupon we got it for $3.00 dinner fish salmon $7.99 but we got it for $5.97 total with coupons is
$10.80 drinks
we have already included it in the price but we will have water for lunch and dinner and we have milk for breakfast dinner Tgi Friday wings and sauce in the box lunch apples with peanut butter
Price...$3.29 total without coupons it is $14.98 with coupons $12.64 what we are going to do with the money we are going to donate half of it to WakeMed charity which is $35.11 how much we spent we spent $150.12 with out coupons, with coupons we spent $129.89 so we saved $70.11 ( happy dance :) Julia would spend the rest on cheerleading things like cheer shoes which are $35 Andrew would use the money to buy a 3DS games for thirty five dollars $70.11 By: Julia and Andrew week at grandma's Budget: $200.00
let's try to not go over we spent $11.05 without coupons with coupons we spent $10.47 for snack we got cheese sticks for snack we got mini crisps (little poptarts)
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