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Alyna Rizvi

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of Eveline

James Joyce Dubliners
Critical Analysis
Writers Vision
The story "Eveline" is a story from Dubliners, a book of short stories written by James Joyce, which is also the book "Araby" is from. Joyce uses the characters in these stories to depict issues that were happening where he lived at the time, which was Dublin in the 1900s.
Dublin, Ireland. 19th century.
Begins with 19-year-old Eveline Hill by a window
Recalls memories of playing in the field.
Her mother and her brother, Ernest, are dead.
Her other brother, Harry, works at the church.
Eveline looks after her father by herself
Lives in fear because of his abusive tendencies
He threatens Eveline
Plans to elope to Buenos Aires with Frank
Remembered nice things about her father
Also remembered the promise she made to her mother about keeping the family together before she died.
Eveline was VERY anxious before she left
Ended up staying
“My intention was to write a chapter of the moral history of my country and I chose Dublin for the scene because that city seemed to be the center of paralysis..…I have written in for the most part in a style of scrupulous meanness....”
- James Joyce
on "Eveline"
In the story Joyce uses Eveline to show how many different factors effect the biggest decisions in your life.
Water/The Ocean

Person vs Self (paralysis)
Person vs Family
Addiction to routine
Religious and cultural conflicts
Light vs Dark
Mood and Tone
Point of View
Final Comment
Everyday, the decisions we make are shaped by our morals, emotions, and past experiences. Sometimes we are given opportunities that could change our lives forever, not knowing if it's for better or worse. This can stop us from achieving our own happiness. Has fear of the unknown ever stopped you from doing something that might make you happy? If so, what other factors were holding you back from making that important decision?
Melancholy: sadness
Cretonne: a heavy cotton fabric
Nix: Slang, another word for no; careful; watch out.
Melbourne: resort town in Florida, large city in Australia
Palpitations: rapid and irregular heartbeat
Squander: waste foolishly
Fervent: displaying passionate intensity
Bonnet: a woman's hat
Patagonians: a tribe in southern South America.
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